Faith and Religious Traditions

group of students standing in group for picture after MSA event
Fordham’s Campus Ministry welcomes students of many different faith traditions as well as students of no faith tradition. We collaborate with students of the many faith-based student clubs, such as the Fordham Christian Fellowship, the Jewish Student Organization, the Muslim Student Association, and the Orthodox Christian Fellowship. Without question, one’s faith is a great gift of God that must be respected and nourished.
We encourage students to learn more about their own faith tradition by examining its teachings and values in an academic yet very personal way. We work with individuals and student groups to offer Interfaith programming that help students learn from one another about their various traditions. 

Fordham is a University in the Catholic and Jesuit traditions and we abide by the principles of religious freedom that protect the rights of individuals to practice their own religion. We welcome all of our students and hope that the richness of spiritual and religious traditions is a blessing to all of us!


    1. Muslim Students Association at Rose Hill
      1. Contact Info:
        1. [email protected]
      2. Group Description:
        1. The Muslim Students' Association (MSA) provides Fordham students with the opportunity to come together in a supportive Muslim environment. We also seek to educate the Fordham community about Islam. All students and community members are welcome to MSA activities and events. Above all, we recognize that students are at varying levels in their own faith and we are welcoming to all, regardless of the extent of one's religious knowledge.
      3. Social Media: 
        1. Instagram @msa.fordham
        2. Twitter: @MSA_FORDHAM
        3. Facebook:
      4. Additional Info:
        1. Prayer Room Location: G1 (Male) and G2 (Female) at ground floors of Faber Hall
      5. 2022 Fall Eboard
        1. President: Hajer Merarda [email protected]
        2. VP of Operations: Haania Imran [email protected]
        3. VP of Finances: Mariam Nurudeen [email protected] 
        4. Secretary: Tasfia Ferdousi [email protected] 
        5. Co-Treasurer: Md Rafi [email protected]
        6. Co-Treasurer: Nishat Islam [email protected] 
        7. Logistics Analyst: Fatimah Waqas [email protected]
        8.  Events Coordinator: Ayessatou Diakite [email protected]
        9. Marketing Director: Mim Parvin [email protected]
        10.  Outreach Director: Adnan Bhuiyan [email protected]
        11. Liaison: Aadam Alli [email protected]

      6. Pictures:



    2. Muslim Students Association at Lincoln Center

    1. Contact Info:
      1. [email protected]
    2. Social Media:
      1. Instagram: @fordham.lcmsa
      2. Facebook:
    3. Additional Info:
      1. Prayer Rooms located on Street Level SL18A
    4. 2023 E-Board
      1. President: Nusaiba Chaklada, [email protected]
      2. Vice President: Madina Noorzai, [email protected]
      3. Secretary: Fatmaelzahraa Abdekrazek, [email protected]
      4. Treasurer: Maryam Ali, [email protected]
      5. Vice President of Marketing: Rami Almehdawi, [email protected]
      6. Event Coordinator: Nour Idris, [email protected]
    1. Jewish Student Organization at Rose Hill
      1. Contact Info:
        1. [email protected]
      2. Social Media:
        1. Twitter: @JSO_Rosehill
        2. Facebook:
      3. 2023 Fall Eboard
        1. Mo Saltzer (President) [email protected]
        2. Elijah Yerington (Vice President) [email protected]
        3. Matthew Entin (Treasurer) [email protected]
        4. Lila Herzig (Secretary) [email protected]
    2. Jewish Student Organization at Lincoln Center
      1. Contact Info:
        1. [email protected]
      2. Social Media:
        1. Instagram: @fordhamjews
        2. Facebook:
      3. 2023 E-Board
        1. Presient: Jacobo Filman, [email protected]
        2. Vice President: Reyna Stovall, [email protected]
        3. Treasurer: Rachel Cohen, [email protected]

    Students in a group with masks

    Students with masks




    1. Fordham Catholic Relief Services
      1. Contact Info:
        1. [email protected]
      2. Group Description:
        1. Catholic Relief Service is a humanitarian aid organization that works across the globe to help the poor and vulnerable. We as ambassadors at Fordham focus on four major issues: global hunger, migration, human trafficking, and climate change. We aim to spread awareness of these issues and create change on or off our campus. Some of the ways we do this is through on campus advocacy, meetings with our local representatives, and outreach in our community.
      3. Social Media:
        1. Instagram: @fordhamcrs
        2. Twitter: @CRSfordham
      4. Photos:


    2. Jes-Net

    1. Contact Info:
      1. [email protected]
    2. Group Description:
      1. The purpose of Jes-Net is to connect student on campus with the retired Jesuits residing at Murray-Weiget and the scholastics at Ciszek Hall. Facilitating the connection between the Jesuits and students will benefit students, scholastics, and MW residents alike to create the "network" described in the club name. The purpose is also to promote a volunteer network throughout the students at Fordham. This is done through visits, fun holiday parties, bingo, spiritual reflections, and as of lately: cards and Zoom calls.
    3. Social Media:
      1. Instagram: @fordhamjesnet
    4. Photos:jesuits

    3. Thomistic Institute Chapter at Fordham University

    1. Contact Info:
      1. [email protected]
    2. Description:
      1. The mission of The Thomistic Institute is to promote Catholic truth in our contemporary world by strengthening the intellectual formation of Christians at universities, in the Church, and in the wider public square. The though of St. Thomas Aquinas, the Universal Doctor of the Church, is our touchstone. Fordham's new chapter of the national organization regularly meets to discuss sections of the Summa Theologiae and hosts some of our nation's leading intellectuals.

    4. Meraki: Catholic Women's Fellowship

    1. Social Media:
      1. Instagram: @fordhammeraki

    5. Catholic Student Fellowship at Lincoln Center

    1.  Contact Info:
      1. Connor Fieldale [email protected]
      2. Diego Lopez [email protected]
    2. Description:
      1. Our Catholic Student Fellowship gatherings are centered around community and prayer. During a "normal" year, we will plan fun outings in NYC and explore our faith through different settings. We will share meals together and reflect on our personal spiritual journies together. This year, we have gotten creative, gathering both in the Chapel after mass and virtually through Zoom. Each meeting consists of group check-ins, prayer, reflection, and faithful activities. We are always open to trying new things and exploring ways to practice our faith creatively! Some days we will do meditations, different versions of the Examen, art/craft activities, listen to music, journal, or watch videos together. All are welcome!

    6. Catholic Life at Rose Hill

    1. Contact Info:
      1. [email protected]
    2. Description  
      1. The Catholic Life Board unites student leaders from liturgical ministry, music ministry, and spiritual programs to foster a vibrant Catholic community with spiritual formation, community, and service and justice programs. For more information on the programs, contact Katie Anderson Kuo at [email protected]

    7. Respect for Life at Rose Hill

    1. Contact Info:
      1. [email protected]
    2. Social Media:
      1. Instagram: @fordhamrespectforlife
      2. Twitter: @FordhamRFL
    1. Orthodox Christian Fellowship at Rose Hill
      1. E-Board and Advisors:
        1. OCF email: [email protected]
        2. Harry Parks (President): [email protected]
        3. Maria Haralampopoulos (Vice-President): mharalampopo[email protected]
        4. Maria Skevas (Treasurer): [email protected]
        5. Julia Parsenios (Event Coordinator):
        6. Markianna Lekkas (Social Media Coordinator):
        7. Fr. Sotirios Michalatos (Chaplain):
        8. Dr. George Demacopoulos (Faculty Co-Advisor): [email protected]
        9. Dr. Telly Papanikolaou (Faculty Co-Advisor): [email protected]
      2. Description:
        1. The Orthodox Christian Fellowship at Fordham University informs students about Orthodoxy, deepens students' faith, and demonstrates a commitment to Fordham's mission in a number of ways, including hosting Orthodox Christian worship services, engaging in community service, facilitating discussions about Orthodox Christian worship services, encouraging students to participate in a regional/national OCF events, and building a student network of Orthodox resources in NYC. Each semester, we host Orthodox services on campus in the Blue Chapel in Keating Hall and we have Orthodox discussions over dinner on Arthur Ave! Overall, the goal of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship at Fordham University is to be the loving presence of Christ and the Orthodox Church on campus, an integral part of students' spiritual formation by challenging them to explore the Faith and to inspire students to commit to living an Orthodox Christian way of life daily.
      3. Social Media:
        1. Instagram: @ocf.fordham.rh
    1. Fordham Christian Fellowship at Rose Hill
      1. Contact Info:
        1. [email protected]
      2. Social Media:
        1. Instagram: @fordham_cf
      3. Meeting Information:
        1. Weekly Meeting: Monday at 7 PM
        2. Women's Bibile Study: Thursday in Duane 352
        3. Bible Study: Friday in Keating 214 at 4:30 PM
      4. Fall 2023 Eboard
        1. Esther Yang (President) [email protected] 
        2. Seth Rosado (Vice President) [email protected]
        3. Noel Roy (Treasurer) [email protected]
        4. Hayley Gregoire (Event Director) [email protected] 
    2. Lighthouse Christian Fellowship Lincoln Center
      1. Contact Info:
        1. [email protected]
      2. Social Media:
        1. Instagram: @lighthouselc_
      3. 2023 Eboard
        1. President: Robert Betancourt, [email protected]
        2. Vice President: Luis Castellanos Perez, [email protected]
        3. Secretary: Lauren Moon, [email protected]
        4. Treasurer: Alan Ajit, [email protected]
        5. Social Media Manager: Gabriel Stonor Saunders, [email protected]
    3. Episcopalian Ministry
      1. Contact info:
        1. The Rev. Ryan Kuratko, PhD
        2. Episcopal Campus Chaplain for Harlem, Uptown, and the Bronx 
        3. 914-575-2518
        4. email: [email protected]
        5. website: 
    • Hindu Student Council at Rose Hill
      • Hindu Student Council is a national organized with a chapter at Fordham University. Our goals are to provide a community for students to come together, join a community, and learn more about the Hindu faith. We are inclusive of everyone, no matter their religion or background and would love to welcome all members of the Fordham community! We have celebrated many different holdiays, have open discussion evenings, and fun events all year round.  
      • Contact Info:
        1. [email protected] 
        2. Instagram: @hscfordham
      • E-Board: 
        1. President: Hema Kumar ([email protected]

          Vice President: Malvi Patel ([email protected])

          Junior President: Nyla Patel ([email protected])

          Junior Vice President: Om Bhosale ([email protected])  

          Treasurers: Garv Baid ([email protected]) & Khushi Patel ([email protected])

          Secretary: Bhavana Talluri ([email protected])

          Event Coordinator: Anagha Nair ([email protected]

          Public Relations Officer: Japnour Bhasin ([email protected]

    • Fordham Sikh Student Association (FSSA)
      • The Sikh Students Association at Fordham University is an organization based on Sikh values that works to create a community amongst the Sikh students on campus, to educate both Sikhs and non-Sikhs about the Sikh religion, to promote dialogue about significant interfaith and youth issues, and to create a community and fellowship for students of the Sikh faith and those interested in Sikh values.
      • Contact Info:
        1. [email protected] 
        2. Instagram: @fssa_fordham