About Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry, with a presence at all three campuses — Rose Hill, Lincoln Center, and Westchester — seeks to foster the integral growth of the entire Fordham University community but especially focuses on the personal, spiritual, and moral development of its students.

The Ignatian spirituality that permeates us in Fordham will teach you to listen attentively to the deeper rhythms of your heart so you may come to know truth, act justly and love tenderly as you engage with the realities of the world. You become ever more your true self when your life is experienced by others as valuable, worthwhile, and needed. 

You can be assured that in our Catholic and Jesuit institution, we celebrate diversity and accept differences in self-identity and description as much as in culture and religion, family origins and aspirations. Through encounters in conversation and service, we begin to recognize ourselves in the ‘other’ to create a new space where our “being-in-love” can flourish.

Together with you, we are committed to building a community where you belong, where you are known, and where you feel connected to others. How? By journeying with you in the adventure of wisdom and learning, by sharing the spiritual riches of faith traditions in the search for God and the reconciliation of peoples, and by making common cause to address the urgent problems of human society and the environment.

We invite you to take advantage of the presence, services, and programs of Campus Ministry. In addition to offering a wide variety of programs, retreats, and opportunities for both spiritual growth and social justice, we also live in student residences, worship in the community, teach, organize support groups, respond to emergencies, and serve on University committees and as academic advisers.

In doing so, we hope to heighten our community's awareness of God at work in our midst, and allow God's Spirit to enliven us and bring to fruition all we do here at Fordham University.

A group of students at the Goshen retreat house posing for a photo in front of trees.