Basketball Rules

4v4 Basketball Rules and Policies


1. The officials are in complete charge of the game. Their judgment is not to be questioned or challenged in any way.

2. The captain's of each team are the only individuals allowed to speak with the officials throughout the course of the game.

Player Conduct

1. All players are to conduct themselves in an appropriate and sportsmanlike fashion.

2. No player has the right to verbally or physically abuse officials, scorers, or other players.

3. The captain is responsible for the actions of each of his teammates. Should anyone on a team get into a fight, that player's team will forfeit their season and lose their eligibility for the playoffs.

Players Eligibility

1. All current students, faculty, and staff are eligible to play. IDs must be presented when asked for.

2. Players may only participate in one co-rec team and one men's or women's team. You may not play on two men's or two women's teams. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a forfeit for each of the games the offending person was involved in.

Number of Players and Substitutions

1. There is a maximum of four players on the floor at one time. A minimum of three players may finish a game. You must have at least three players to start a game.

2. Substitutions may only be made when there is a dead ball situation. Substitutes must notify the officials when they want to enter a game.

Start of Game and Game Time

1. A 5-minute grace period from the scheduled starting time will be allowed before a forfeit is declared. The referee's watch is the official timepiece.

2. Games are played with two 20-minute halves. It will be running time except for the last two minutes of the second half when the clock will be stopped for all dead balls.

3. Halftime will be two minutes.

4. Each team will get two 30-second timeouts per half. Timeouts do not carry over.

Overtime Games

1. There is no overtime period during the regular season. 

2. In the event that regulation play ends in a tie during playoffs, there will be a 5-minute (running time) overtime period. The second and any other overtime periods will be 2-minutes (running time) until a winner is determined.

3. Overtime periods will begin with a jump ball. Alternating possessions will be used after the tip.

4. Timeouts and personal fouls carry over from the second half. One timeout is awarded during the beginning of the first overtime period. No additional timeouts will be awarded for subsequent overtime periods. 

Personal Fouls

1. A player will be allowed five fouls. After receiving the fifth foul the player should remove themselves from the game.

2. Technical fouls will count as personal fouls. Two technical fouls will result in an automatic ejection.

Team Fouls

When a team commits its seventh personal foul in the half the opposing team will be in the bonus situation. The result of this will be the awarding of one and one free throws for each foul that is committed. When a team commits its tenth personal foul in the half, the opposing team will be in the double bonus situation. The result of this will be the awarding of two free throws for each foul that is commited. 

A player shall not participate after having been disqualified. A technical foul will be issued if a player hangs on either basket or if a player causes the opponent's backboard to vibrate while the ball is in flight during a shot, or is touching the backboard.

Players may not use unsportsmanlike tactics such as disrespectfully addressing an employee, using profanity, baiting an opponent, obstructing an opponents vision by waiving hands near their eyes, climbing on a teammate to secure greater height to handle the ball or knowingly attempting a free throw to which they are not entitled. 

A player shall not hold, push, charge, trip nor impede the progress of an opponent by extending an arm, shoulder, hip or knee or by bending the body other than a normal position. Personal fouls shall be taken out-of-bounds by the offended team at the nearest out-of-bounds spot except against a player in the act of shooting. Technical fouls will result in the offending team retaining posession and the inbound spot will be the spot closes to half court opposite the scorekeeper's table.