Intramural Sports Q & A

  • Intramural Sports are organized recreation for students, faculty and staff of Fordham Univeristy. The purpose of Intramural Sports are to give Fordham University students, faculty and staff the opportunity to participate in low comitment activities that help to get individuals in the Fordham community involved in athletic endeavors. The goal of Intramural Sport participation is to allow individuals in the Fordham community to have the opportunity to participate in athletic contests regardless of the degree of their athletic abilities. 

  • Anyone who is interested in creating their own Intramural Sports team should go to IM Leagues and find the league that they are interested in participating. Select the division that you would like to create a team in - our divisions are either men's, women's or open (open divisions are divisions that have no gender restrictions). Scroll down a bit and there is a green button "+ Create Team".

  • You can be a participant in every one of our Intramural leagues! We do not limit how many different sports you play in a semester and encourage you to participate in as many as you would like. We also allow individuals to play on one gender specific team and one co-ed team. For example, an individual can register a team in our 5v5 Basketball Open Division and our 5v5 Basketball Women's Division, but an individual cannot be a member of two teams in our 5v5 Basketball Open Division. 

  • Intramural Sports have no registration cost, meaning you can sign up your team on IM Leagues for free. We will provide all the equipment needed to participate, such as balls, flag belts and volleyball nets, just to name a few. Players are responsible for ensuring they meet our , which may cost money if teams need to purchase jersey's. 

  • Intramural Basketball and Volleyball take place in the Lombardi Memorial Center Field House on the Rose Hill Campus. Intramural Flag Football is held on Coffey Field and Intramural Outdoor Soccer is held on Murphy Field, both located on the Rose Hill Campus. Both our basketball and volleyball leagues have games scheduled every 50 minutes and are held Monday and Wednsday from 9:30pm-11pm, Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm-9:30pm and Sundays from 6pm-11pm. Our flag football and outdoor soccer leagues games are scheduled every 50 minutes and are held Monday and Wednsday from 7pm-9:30pm, Tuesday and Thursday from 9pm-11:30pm and Sundays from 6pm-11pm.

  • There are two avenues that Fordham University students can take if they want to participate in Intramural Sports but do not have a team. Students have the option of registering as a free agent on IM Leagues for the league they wish to participate in. Captains looking to pick up players can browse the free agent list to add any players they wish to. Students who do not have a team have the option of signing up a team and inviting free agents who are listed on IM Leagues.  

  • Teams are given the opportunity to adjust their time preferences on IM Leagues. This lets teams set the times they are available to play and when they cannot. The Intramural Sports department schedules contests based on when teams mark that they are available. In the event a team cannot participate in their scheduled game, they have the opportunity to cancel their game. To do so, the captain of the intramural team needs to send an email to the Intramural and Club Sport Manager requesting a cancellation at least 24 business hours in advance of their scheduled game. Teams who request to cancel under 24 business hours, do not have enough players to participate within 10 minutes of their games start time or do not attend their game are issued a forfeit for the game. The Intramural Sports department attends a -1 rating to teams who cancel games and a -2 rating to teams who forfeit games; any team who reaches or exceeds a -3 rating during the season will not be scheduled for any additional games for that semester. 

  • Absolutely! Intramural Sports are open to all students, whether they are from Rose Hill or Lincoln Center. We also allow teams to adjust time preferences so they can tell us when they can and can't play. This allows Lincoln Center students to block off times later in the day that would conflict with the Ram Van schedule. Lincoln Center students can also request free Ram Van passes for their Intramural contests, but it must be done on a weekly basis. The Ram Van office requires requests for passes to be completed no later than the Sunday before your game to give them ample time to get passes to you. 

    Team captains may not request passes for the rest of their team roster that is located in the Lincoln Center campus. Each individual rostered player must complete their own Ram Van pass request. 

  • Intramural teams are allowed to have a maximum of two club athletes of a smiliar or same sport as the Intramural league on their roster. For example, Intramural Outdoor Soccer teams are allowed a maximum of 2 club soccer players (either men's or women's club soccer) on their roster. Varsity players cannot compete in the same or similar Intramural league that they are a varsity athlete in. Any varsity athlete who competes in three or more contests or is on the roster for more than four weeks falls under this rule. Varsity status runs for the entire year. For example, varsity football players who play in the fall will maintain their varsity status for the entire academic year.

  • Intramural leagues remain open to adding or dropping players from your roster throughout the regular season. Intramural captains can add or drop players before or after any game on their schedule, as long as it is before the playoffs. Once Intramural playoffs begin, Intramural rosters are locked, meaning no players can be added or dropped from their roster. 


    Teams are also given the option to utilize a One-Night Waiver for their game. One-Night Waivers allow non-rostered players to participate as a temporary player for an Intramural team. Teams are limited to using one One-Night Waiver per game. In order to utilize a One-Night Waiver, players simply need to find one of our supervisors and ask to complete a waiver!

  • We post the rules packets for all of our Intramural leagues online, as well as on the league and description pages for each league on IM Leagues. The rules packets are updated at the beginning of academic year to ensure the Intramural program stays up to date with NIRSA rule changes. While the Intramural department glances over key rules during the required organizational meetings, it is ultimately the responsibility of Intramural teams to familiarize themselves with the rules of each league.

  • IM Leagues caps rosters based on the sport. Teams are capped at 10 participants on a 5v5 Basketball roster and 12 participants for 6v6 volleyball, outdoor soccer and flag football. However, teams are allowed to remove or add players to their roster at will throughout the regular season. 

  • All members on an Intramural roster that win the championship for their respective league and are present at the championship game will receive an Intramural Championship t-shirt and will be acknowleged on the Intramural Sports Instagram page. 

  • The Intramural Sports department publishes the weekly Intramural game schedule every week on Friday for the following week. The schedule is posted on IM Leagues and teams can set up email notifications when they have a game scheduled.

  • Towards the end of every semester, the Intramural Sports department opens applications for officials and scorekeepers. The number of open positions is dependent on the number of staff members that are returning to the staff semester to semester. If we have no open positions, the applications themselves will be closed and anyone interested should send an email to [email protected]. We will keep your name on an interest list and send an email to you the next time we have positions open.

If you have any questions or need any help, please visit our Intramural Sports Website or contact Rose Dara, the Intramural and Club Sports Manager at [email protected]