Intramurals Rules

Intramural Sports are available for all Fordham University students, staff, faculty and administration at any Fordham University campus. Varsity athletes are not allowed to participate in their corresponding sports. Any former varsity athlete must have been at least one year removed from participatin gin their respective sport to be eligible to participate in Intramural Sports. Club athletes should check the leagues handbook to determine their eligibility or reach out to the Intramural and Club Sport Manager if they are unsure. Individuals with professional status are not eligible to participate.


In order to participate, one individual must create an IM Leagues account and create a team in the league they are looking to participate in. If it is a team sport, that individual, who will act as the captain, must send invitations out to their fellow perspective team members. Those individuals must accept the invitiation and agree to the waiver to appear on the teams roster on IM Leagues. Once the team has the minimum number of players required for each respective sport, the team captain or a team member must attend an Organizational Meeting. Information on the Organizational Meeting can be found on the league pages on IM Leagues. If no individual attends the Organizational Meeting or the team does not have the minimum number of required players, the team will not be approved to be scheduled until those two prongs are met.


Individuals may register as free agents in the league they wish to participate in. The Intramural Sports staff is not responsible for placing these individuals onto a team. Free agents can either create a team and invite other free agents to play on that team with them or request to join teams who are searching for free agents.