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Online Teaching - Course Continuity and COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, we want to provide you with information and resources to help plan your teaching. 

University and Health Organization Information and Resources

Fordham University and the Graduate School of Education have assembled and will continuously update online learning methods and tools. These resources can be found through the web links below.

  • Provost's Office: Communicating with Students has a list of suggestions for establishing a communication plan, as well as four handouts that give directions for basic Blackboard functionality.

For more detailed information about COVID-19’s impact on the University and the GSE community, consult the University’s preparation and planning page, including FAQs. If you’re interested in more information about COVID-19, the resources listed here may be of some assistance:

  • GSE Course Continuity Plan 

    The GSE Online Learning Team has carefully curated resources and customized guides to support the GSE faculty’s online teaching, from design to delivery.

    Information on this website includes:

    • Quick start to prepare your course for online teaching;
    • GSE Templates for Blackboard, syllabi, student netiquette, and more;
    • Webinar recordings and slides on a variety of topics;
    • Interviews with star online instructors;
    • Newsletters with the most up-to-date online learning information.
    • Contact Information for Technical Assistance
      • The Faculty Technology Center can assist in creating a hybrid or online version of your course. Email [email protected] for guidance with Blackboard or questions about how best to deliver content or assess student understanding through various media tools.
      • 24/7 Blackboard support is available on over chat or phone 877-310-4667 (for both students and faculty).
      • For any technical assistance including internet connectivity or a computer at home, contact Fordham IT at 718-817-3999.
      • If you’d like a one-on-one consultation to help translate your face-to-face course into an online format, please contact Dr. Rachel Um, GSE Director of Online Learning, at [email protected], or the GSE Online Team at [email protected].

    • Steps for Course Continuity

    To quickly move your class online, take the following steps:

    Note: assignments that take place offline or asynchronously will count towards the credit hour policy. Communicate regularly with your students using a weekly progress email, reminders, etc. Respond to your students within 24 hours.

  • Online Video Coaching Information (COVID-19, Coronavirus)

    Last Updated March 10, 2020

    As per Fordham University policy, as well as a precautionary measure against the spread of coronavirus disease, we will be providing you with an online video coaching system, GoReact, with which to observe your student teachers. If you are already using GoReact as an observation tool, please ensure that the student teachers are uploading their videos in a timely manner.

    GoReact is a user-friendly video coaching system that enables student teachers to upload their teaching videos so that they may receive in-time feedback from their field specialists who make comments as they watch the video.

    We will be providing weekly trainings via Zoom and ongoing individual support for the GoReact system. You may access their website now and view training videos for instructors at

    The student teachers will be instructed to continue student teaching at their placement sites as long as their schools remain open. In the event that their schools close due to the coronavirus, they have been instructed to inform their field specialists and advisors.

    I also advise you to ensure that your student teachers complete their four observations as soon as possible in the event that their placement sites close.

    We will advise you shortly as to when the first training session will be. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns:

    Karen Andronico, Ed.D., Director of Field Based Education and Accountability, Fordham Graduate School of Education, Division of Curriculum and Teaching:

    212-636-6491, [email protected]

  • School Council Meeting Recording

    Access Password: SC0420

    You can view our school council meeting and the presentation about Course Continuity Status and Zoom Classroom Tips. The presentation begins at 28:20.  The Zoom tips include:

    1. Log in as a host
    2. Securing your Zoom meeting room
    3. Waiting room
    4. Sharing your screen
    5. Setting password to enter room
    6. Include meeting room link to Blackboard
    7. Recording
    8. Recording options and settings
    9. Sharing recordings
    10. Other tips: video touch-up, changing background, sharing computer audio