Become a Leader: Educational Leadership at GSE

Programs within the Educational Leadership, Administration, and Policy Division prepare future administrators, principals, superintendents, supervisors, and other leaders in public, non-public, and faith-based school and district settings, plus in governmental and non-profit organizations. Application deadlines vary. Please check the program of interest for dates.

Read more about our programs below.

Master’s Programs

These programs prepare students for leadership responsibilities and positions such as assistant principal, department chair, principal, school building leader, supervisor, etc.

School Building Leader, Accelerated Master's (Accelerated M.S.E.)

Graduates are prepared for positions as school building leaders, such as principal, supervisor, department chair, assistant principal, etc.

Administration and Supervision (M.S.E.) (in-person or online)

Church and Non-Public Educational Leadership: This program is for students looking to develop their knowledge and skills for a leadership role in education on many levels.

Doctoral Degrees

The Fordham Graduate School of Education (GSE) offers two doctoral degrees in Educational Leadership: the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Administration, and Policy, best suited for leaders in public school settings, and the Ph.D. in Administration and Supervision, which is best suited for leaders in church and non-public schools.

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

The Ed.D. program in Educational Leadership, Administration, and Policy is designed for teachers and administrators who are looking to become leaders in urban and suburban K-12 education settings. It is designed to prepare school leaders who can effectively address the challenges of school administration and meet the needs of students in an ever-changing world. 

The program consists of 50 credit hours. The curriculum is designed around four core practice areas:

  • Educational Leadership and Organizational Change
  • Leading Teaching and Learning
  • Engaging and Transforming Schools, Districts, and Communities
  • Policy and Advocacy

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. program in Administration and Supervision builds skills for Catholic education leadership: spirituality; high creativity and imagination; and exceptionally global thought and action.

Advanced Certificate Program

School District Leadership

Enables students to work in leadership positions in New York at the school district level.




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