GSE Student Assessment Software

Why Do We Need an Assessment and Reporting System?

There is a call for increased accountability and assessment in higher education, specifically for school personnel degree programs.

To answer this call, graduate schools of education are adopting centralized and systematic software to manage the programs' and students' needs. GSE adopted a high-performance hardware/software platform, through which the data are stored and accessed.

What is Tk20?

GSE chose an assessment and reporting system created by Tk20, a leading provider in technology solutions. Tk20, which has recently joined with both Taskstream and LiveText, addresses the needs of our students, graduates, faculty, and school.

Tk20 users have the ability to access the following features:

  • Course, Program, and Unit-level Assessments
  • Standards-based, Reflective, Electronic Portfolios
  • Tracking and Management of Field Experience and Clinical Practice
  • Data Aggregation from Student Information Systems, Praxis Scores, and More
  • Creation of Reports for Comprehensive Analysis, and Accreditation Support
  • Document Room for Easy Storage, Organization, and Sharing of Documents

We will keep you informed of developments as Tk20, Taskstream, and LiveText become integrated.

What Does This Mean For Me?

You are going to be able to collect, track, and retrieve your coursework with ease throughout your program in one central web-based location. You can also develop electronic portfolios or field experience binders to assist you in your job search process.

You will work with professors on completing assignments and building your document folder. Throughout subsequent semesters you will continue to build onto your portfolio, binders, and program documents.

The GSE has invested significant time and money to adopt this program in order to give you a program with long-term benefits. Therefore, you are required to purchase access for the duration of your program. The cost is automatically applied to your bursar bill.

To access your Tk20 account, log in using your MyFordham ID and password. If you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected].