GSE Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Counseling (M.S.Ed.)


Degree: M.S.Ed.
Credits: 60
Career Path: Program graduates will be eligible for employment in mental health clinics, community mental health centers, hospitals, non-profit counseling agencies, college and university counseling centers, corporate mental health services (e.g., employee assistance programs, personnel departments, mental health support units), and are eligible to open independent private practices after licensure.

Start Semester: Fall
Campus: Lincoln Center

The program has a reflective practitioner orientation and includes a strong multicultural counseling emphasis. It can be completed full-time in two years (with summers) or part-time in three years (with summers).

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Graduates of the program are eligible to obtain a New York State License as a Mental Health Counselor once they pass the licensing exam and accrue 3,000 hours of post-master's supervised mental health counseling experience. Find more information on New York State's Mental Health License requirements.

The M.S.Ed. in Mental Health Counseling is accredited by the Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC) for the period of January 2015 through January 2026.

Visit the Student Association of Mental Health Counselors (SAM) page

Admissions Information

Fieldwork Requirements

There are 600 hours of on-site supervised field experience required. This 600-hr. internship can only start in the fall semester.

Program Curriculum and Sequence

Browse course schedules and descriptions and review a list of courses. Students can complete the program in two-three years as long as they take at least six credits each fall, spring, and summer. View a sample course sequence here


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Program Contact
Eric C. Chen, Ph.D.

M.S.Ed. in Mental Health Counseling Program Data and Outcomes

Program Data and Outcomes2021-2022
Applications received to matriculate in academic year (AY) 2021-2022 255
Of those applications, number of students admitted 122
Of those admitted, number newly enrolled in 2021-2022 32
Of those who were newly enrolled in AY 2021-2022, number who continued this fall (fall 2022) into year two (first-year retention rate) 31
Total number of students enrolled in the program during AY 2021-2022 76
Number of students who graduated in AY 2021-2022 36
Number of full-time students who started the program and graduated within the expected time frame (two or three years, depending on your program length). This would NOT include part-time students who graduated in AY 2021-2022 36
Percent of students who enrolled in the program in fall 2017 (AY 2017-2018) who graduated from the program (5-year graduation rate) 100%
Percent of those who graduated in the years 2018 to 2020 who became fully licensed and/or credentialed (as mental health counselors, professional counselors, BCBA, substance abuse counselors, or other similar titles) 41%
Percentage of courses taught by adjunct or part-time faculty over the 2021-2022 AY 45%