GSE Scholarships

Awards are made for the full academic year (summer, fall, spring) unless otherwise noted. Students not continuously enrolled each semester of the academic year lose their award for subsequent semesters and are not guaranteed reinstatement. Students may apply for more than one program, but they can receive support from only one program at a time.


To be eligible for GSE School-based Scholarships, students must

  • maintain enrollment in two courses (6 credits) for summer, fall, and spring semesters
  • demonstrate financial need by completing a FAFSA; and
  • meet minimum GPA requirements: 3.5 undergraduate GPA and 3.75 graduate GPA
  • Only US Citizens and Eligible Non-Citizens (as determined by FAFSA) are eligible to apply for and receive GSE Scholarships 

Note: Fordham University’s Federal School Code is #002722.

How to Apply

New Students

New students must apply for GSE School-based aid (Graduate Assistantships/Scholarships)  during the admissions application process. When completing the online admissions application, check "yes" to receiving GSE School-based aid on the financial aid supplemental form. GSE aid applications will be reviewed once a student has officially been notified by the Admissions Office on their acceptance into a program.

There is no financial aid application deadline for new students, however, awards are issued based on the availability of funds. 

If you have already submitted your online admissions application, please contact Anisa Sanchez at

Continuing Students

Continuing students must apply for GSE School-based aid (Graduate Assistantships/Scholarships) via the portal by the February 1 deadline for the next academic year. Students will need to click on the “Student Tab” via the portal and choose the GSE Financial Aid link under "My Accounts," to submit an application online for either a scholarship or a graduate assistantship.

Scholarship and Grant Programs

Listed below are all scholarship opportunities available through Fordham GSE for incoming students and continuing students. Please browse each section for more information on eligibility and criteria.

Note: Students enrolled in any one of the Online program tracks are NOT eligible for GSE School-based aid scholarships.

Incoming students may apply to more than one scholarship program but can only receive financial aid support from one aid program within an academic year, with exception of the Public Interest Scholarship, which is a Dean’s scholarship and the ONLY scholarship that may be combined with any other GSE aid offer.

Continuing students may re-apply for GSE School-based aid for each academic year by the February 1 deadline. Continuing students, however, may only apply for either a GSE need-based scholarship and/or a graduate assistantship but will only receive funding from one aid program within an academic year. Late applications will not be accepted. 

Incoming students and continuing students who wish to be considered for the Catholic School Scholarship must complete a separate application that may be obtained via the Center of Catholic School Leadership and Faith-Based Education webpage.

GSE Scholarship and Grant Programs

  • Horizons Teacher Scholarships

    A limited number of need-based scholarships are awarded to qualified students who are leaving established careers to prepare for careers in education full-time. The awards may be renewed each year if comparative financial need continues and the student is enrolled for 12 or more credits each semester.

    Opportunity and Excellence Scholarships

    A limited number of need-based competitive scholarships are awarded to qualified persons with financial need and academic merit who are admitted to a degree program (excluding Teach for America and Department of Education) to prepare for careers in schools or professional practice. Students must be enrolled for at least 6 credits per semester to qualify for this award.

    Scholarships for Partners in Innovation and Excellence

    Scholarships are awarded to selected teams and cohorts from schools or school districts with which Fordham Graduate School of Education has a formal partnership agreement for educational renewal, curriculum improvement, restructuring, or other school innovation or excellence objectives. Application procedures and deadlines, as well as the amount or percentage of the scholarship, vary in each partnership. Contact your school principal or the deans’ office to find out whether your school has a partnership with the Graduate School of Education and whether you may participate in partnership-related courses with scholarship support.

  • Assistantship awards are work-study funding that provide tuition remission for one course per semester. Graduate Assistantships are made in recognition of academic achievement, special competencies, and/or academic potential. They provide opportunities for academic and professional development. There are two types of assistantships: Research and Administrative.

    Read more about Graduate Assistantships.

  • AmeriCorps alumni enrolling in a master's or professional diploma program are eligible for a 25 percent tuition scholarship.

    Read more about this scholarship.

    Incoming students who are AmeriCorps Alumni enrolling in a master’s or professional diploma are eligible for a 25% tuition scholarship. This scholarship is only applicable to students enrolling in a traditional program. Students enrolling in any one of the Education@Fordham Online program tracks are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.

  • A limited amount of aid is available for persons employed as full-time professionals in Catholic or other religiously affiliated nonpublic schools.. The scholarship covers 40-50% of tuition charges up to six credits per semester.

    Students are responsible for meeting all eligibility criteria and reviewing scholarship details. Read more and apply.

  • A limited number of need and merit-based scholarships are available to financially disadvantaged GSE students who are committed to pursuing careers focusing on socio-economically underrepresented or disadvantaged populations. The award is tuition-specific and students must take at 6 credits to qualify. Recipients will receive $3,000 per semester for their first academic year. For students starting at GSE in the summer semester, the full year includes the summer, fall, and spring semesters and for those starting in the fall semester, the full year includes the fall and spring semesters.

    Learn more about the Public Interest Scholarship.

GSE Endowed Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships for Incoming Students

Endowed scholarships are donor-based and therefore, awards are issued based upon specific program parameters and availability of funds. The majority of endowed scholarships are reviewed in late November and recipients are awarded in the spring semesters, with exception of the Valerie Rowe and Zoller Scholarships. Students who are selected by the Scholarship Committee will receive an award letter.

GSE Endowed Scholarships for Career Changers

Incoming students who enroll in any degree-seeking program and intend to change careers may apply for one of the following careers-changing endowed scholarships during the admissions application process by completing the GSE School-based aid supplemental form.

  • The Anna, Richard, and Mary Sheehy Memorial Scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate financial need and academic merit (minimum 3.5 GPA) with a preference given to students changing careers.

  • The Eldridge A. Greening Endowed Scholarship provides assistance for students with 10 years of professional experience in a non-educational background making a career transition. Recipients must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA throughout their program.

GSE Endowed Scholarships for GSE Teaching Students

Incoming students who enroll in a GSE teaching program may apply for one of the following endowed scholarships during the admissions application process by completing the GSE School-based aid supplemental form.

  • The Alice Field-McNally Reddy Endowed Memorial Scholarship provides financial support to students who demonstrate financial need and academic merit (minimum 3.0 GPA). Preference is given to students pursuing degrees in Special Education.

  • The Johanna Friscia-Helen McNulty Scholarship is named for two outstanding educators and long-time members of the Fordham University School of Education Alumni Association. The scholarship will be awarded to a student who fulfills the following criteria:

    • matriculated in an MST program with no less than 18 credit accumulated;
    • minimum 3.5 GPA; and
    • have an undergraduate degree from Fordham University.
  • The Joseph C. Zoller Scholarship provides financial support to students who are graduating seniors of Fordham University, and demonstrate financial need and academic merit (minimum 3.0 GPA). Preference is given to candidates who plan to teach in an elementary or secondary school in the New York metropolitan area.

    Award selections are made at the end of the spring semester and recipients are awarded in the summer semester.

  • The Valerie A. Rowe Scholarship provides merit-based aid to a full-time student in the Early Childhood and Childhood Education; Early Childhood Special Education; or Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education MST programs.

    Award selections are made at the beginning of the fall semester and recipients are awarded for the fall semester. 

GSE Endowed Scholarship for Faith-Based Programs

Incoming students who enroll in a degree-seeking faith-based program and work within religious communities may apply for the following endowed scholarship during the admissions application process by completing the GSE School-based aid supplemental form.

  • The Marion U. Blanchard, PhD, Memorial Scholarship will provide financial support to students in religious communities, and who demonstrate academic merit (3.5 minimum GPA) and financial need.

Additional Scholarship and Grant Programs

  • For new teachers and clinicians, this scholarship program provides selected individuals with an opportunity to pursue a Master's Degree in specified bilingual and monolingual areas of education and pupil personnel services. A full scholarship is offered in exchange for a service commitment to work in a high-need New York City public school.

    Read more about the Bilingual Counseling and Education NYCDOE Scholarship.

  • The Intensive Teacher Institute in Bilingual Special Education (ITI-BSE) was created to address the shortage of certified bilingual and English as a second language (ESL) special educators in New York State. The ITI-BSE collaborates with school districts, preschools, and institutions of higher education (IHEs) approved by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) to assist participants in meeting the requirements for a bilingual education extension and ESOL certification requirements in special education.

    Fifteen credits are provided for bilingual education and ESL coursework for special education teachers, for teachers of students with speech and language disabilities (TSSLDs), and for pupil personnel service professionals (i.e. school guidance counselors, school social workers, or school psychologists). Tuition assistance is provided for up to $310 per credit.

    Read more about eligibility and requirements.