GSE Counseling Psychology (Ph.D.) Practica, Externships, and Internships

Students entering the doctoral program with a Bachelor’s degree must take Master’s-level coursework and a full academic year of field experience (20 hours per week) under the supervision of a doctoral-level psychologist.

Two years of doctoral practicum experience are required. Students work 16-20 hours per week in a mental health setting under the supervision of a doctoral-level psychologist and are on campus for group supervision once per week in a doctoral practicum course. Each semester of doctoral practicum focuses on a different theoretical orientation starting with humanistic, and continuing with cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and integrative.

Many students choose to complete a third year or summer externship for additional experience and they register for a 0-credit externship class to document that experience.

A one-year full-time internship in an approved site occurs following the completion of all coursework and comprehensive exams. Students must be approved as eligible for internship (i.e., completing coursework with a GPA of 3.5 or higher, passing comprehensive exams, and having an approved dissertation proposal) prior to applying.