Chun Zhang

Chun Zhang


Curriculum and Teaching

113 West 60th Street
Room 1102A
[email protected]

Dr. Zhang is a Professor of Education at GSE. Dr. Zhang received her PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2000.

She was a Fulbright Scholar in Spring 2013 at the University of Macau. She has been widely published nationally and internationally in the areas of culturally and linguistically appropriate practices in Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education. She directs several major federally funded personnel training grants.

  • PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    MS, Eastern Illinois University
    BA, Huazhong Normal University

  • Dr. Zhang has strong research interests in family-professional partnerships and collaboration, interagency collaboration, and culturally and linguistically sensitive and responsive services and practices in Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education.

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  • Doctoral level courses

    • Advanced Study on Problems and Issues in Special Education (CTGE7570)
    • Problems and Issues in Early Childhood Education (CTGE6236)
    • Research and Policy Issues in Early Childhood Education (CTGE6196)
    • Standardized and Alternate Assessments for Students at Risk or with Disabilities (CLGE6380)

    Graduate level courses

    • Assessment Strategies for Young Children with Disabilities (CTGE5157)
    • Family, Community, and All Young Children (CTGE5234)
    • Including Exceptional Students (CTGE5154)
    • Observing and Documenting Young Children’s Development (CTGE5850)
    • Perspectives and Issues in Early Childhood Special Education (CTGE5411)
    • Psychological Factors in Young Children with Disabilities (PSGE5301)
    • Research in the Teaching Process (CTGE6192)