English as a World Language FAQ

I am an international student. Can you help me get an I-20
You can contact our Office of International Services for help with your I-20.

I am an international student, but my bachelor’s degree is from a United States university/college. Do I still have to submit a TOEFL score/take the TOEFL test?
If you graduated from an institution of higher education in the United States, you do not have to submit TOEFL scores.

I am not an international student. Can I apply for TESOL Track 2?
No, only international students can apply for TESOL Track 2. However, if you are not an international student you can apply for TESOL Track 1. Read more about TESOL Track 1.

Where can you find work with the TESOL Track 2 degree?
Students can find work in a variety of settings such as community centers, colleges, and businesses.

What are the differences between TESOL Tracks 1 and 2?
The TESOL Track 1 leads to a Master’s of Science in Teaching (MST) state teaching certification for (Pre-K to 12). TESOL Track 2 leads to a Master’s of Science (MS), is designed for international students and does not lead to a teaching certification.

I am missing some pre-requisite classes. Can I take them while attending classes at Fordham?

Yes, but all pre-requisite classes must be completed within the first year in the program.

How many credits are required each semester?.
You can take as few as three (3) credits per semester as a part-time student or up to twelve (12) credits per semester as a full-time student.

How do I know what classes to take each semester?
You need to meet with your advisor before the upcoming semester to confirm the classes you need to take. You can check the online course catalog to see which courses are offered each semester.