A limited amount of aid is available for persons employed as full-time professionals in Catholic or other religiously affiliated nonpublic schools. The scholarship covers 40-50% of tuition charges up to six credits per semester.

Students are responsible for meeting all eligibility criteria and reviewing scholarship details. Download scholarship application.

Scholarship Qualifications

Candidates must be full-time employees of Catholic or faith-based (religiously affiliated) nonpublic schools who are pursuing degrees and/or certificates at the Fordham University Graduate School of Education.

Scholarship Details

  • The scholarships cover 40-% or 50% of tuition charges - and only tuition charges - and a maximum of six credits per semester.
  • The scholarship excludes the following:
    • Courses offered by Fordham University, but not specifically by the Graduate School of Education.
    • Courses are taken as a non-matriculated or non-degree student.
    • Zero credit courses
    • Maintenance of Matriculation
    • Fee Residency Seminar
    • Dissertation Seminar
    • Doctoral Mentoring
  • The scholarship may not be combined with other forms of Graduate School of Education aid (e.g. other scholarships or graduate assistantships).
  • Students must be registered for classes before submitting the Scholarship Form.
  • The scholarship cannot be processed if there is a hold on a student's account.

How to Apply

  • Students (and their principal/supervisor) must complete the Scholarship Form in its entirety in order for it to be processed in a timely manner.
  • Along with the Scholarship Form, students must submit at the beginning of their contract year a letter from their employer on official stationery stating that they are a current, full-time employee. Students must complete and submit the Scholarship Form every semester that they register, and the employer letter at the beginning of each school year (i.e. fall semester).
  • The Scholarship Form may be mailed, faxed, emailed in an attached document, or hand-delivered to the Center for Catholic Leadership and Faith-Based Education.
  • Deadline: The deadline to submit the Scholarship Application and the employer letter for the Fall 2017 semester is Friday, September 15. Please check back for Spring and Summer 2018 deadlines.


  • Make copies of your Scholarship Form submissions for your own files.
  • Pay your portion of your tuition bill in a timely manner even if your scholarship award has not yet been posted to your account.

Download the Scholarship Application

Contact Dr. Cristiana Ritchie-Carter at for additional information about the scholarship.