Process for GSE Non-Matriculated Students

The Graduate School of Education has instituted a new online application for non‐matriculated students.

  • Interested candidates should create an application in Technolutions Slate, our online application system.
  • Courses for non‐matriculated candidates will be suggested and approved by GSE faculty based on student interests and program guidelines for specific academic programs in teaching, educational leadership, counseling, school psychology, and interdisciplinary research.
  • Candidates will register themselves for classes after being approved by a faculty member and receiving a confirmation email from the GSE admissions office with registration instructions.

Directions for Candidates

If candidates are unsure of what program or type of courses you are interested in, they should contact Abraham Johnson, Interim Director of Admissions and Enrollment Services, at [email protected].

  1. Complete the online application for non‐matriculated students. Upload a copy of an undergraduate/graduate transcript that indicates completion of the degree or a copy of an undergraduate/graduate diploma. These can be unofficial or student copies.

    How to Apply for Non‐Matriculated Study

    • Create an account:
    • You will need to choose an academic area of interest, program type, academic term, and campus location.
    • Choose the degree type: Non Degree
    • Add personal info. such as address, phone number, etc.
    • Upload a transcript or diploma.
    • Submit the application. There is no application fee.
  2. On specified in-person registration days prior to the beginning of each term, report to the GSE Admissions Office at 45 Columbus Avenue, 2nd Floor for a brief review of your application. If this is your first time registering as a non‐matriculated student, you must bring government-issued photo identification (driver’s license or passport.)
  3. You will then proceed to one of the academic division/department offices below to meet with a faculty advisor. Report to the Leon Lowenstein Building (LL) at our Lincoln Center Campus, located at 113 West 60th Street, on the corner of West 60th Street and Columbus Avenue, New York, NY, 10023.
    1. For psychology courses, including counseling and school psychology, please go to room LL 1008.
    2. For teacher education, please go to room LL 1102.
    3. For educational leadership (master’s level programs only), please go to room LL 1119.
  4. Faculty advisors will be available during in-person registration dates and times. You will meet with a program advisor or program faculty member to select a course(s) and receive approval, both of which are required each time you register as a non-matriculated student.
  5. You will be able to register yourself after receiving approval from a faculty member and a confirmation email from the GSE admissions office with registration instructions. The confirmation email will include instructions on how to obtain your Fordham University AccessIT ID, email, and Blackboard account.
  6. To begin the process for your Fordham ID card, log into your page and click on the GSE student tab. You will see a photo uploader box. Submit your photo for your university ID card here. You will pick up the printed ID card during the first week of classes from Fordham IT distribution centers.
  7. You will receive a copy of Fordham’s immunization form. University policy requires that you complete the form and return it directly to the Health Services Office at the Rose Hill Campus as soon as possible to the address on the back of the form. A registration hold for future terms will be placed on your student account if you do not return the form to the Health Services Office.
  8. If you already have health insurance coverage that meets Fordham’s policy standard minimum insurance requirements*, you may apply to waive enrollment in the Fordham plan. This waiver would remove the insurance charge from your student account. Please follow the instructions on the following link: Waiver Information