Waiver Information

Important Information about Waiver Requests
If you already have health insurance coverage that meets Fordham’s policy standard minimum insurance requirements*, you may apply to waive enrollment in the Fordham plan. This waiver would remove the insurance charge from your student account.

Waiver Application Instructions

  1. Complete the online waiver request (see the “Online Health Insurance Enrollment/Waiver Request Process” section)
  2. Print a copy of your completed waiver request confirmation (the final page of the online process).  You will receive an email after submitting the waiver stating that your waiver request is pending, and it takes a day or two for the insurance company to review the coverage.  You will receive an email to notify you whether your waiver is approved or denied.  If the waiver is denied, the email will highlight the reason for the denial.  
  3. This entire process must be completed before the deadline
  4. Failure to completely follow these instructions will result in the Fordham insurance charge remaining on your student account

* Before purchasing a non-Fordham plan, you strongly recommend that you review the waiver eligibility requirements under the "waiver" section of Fordham's main health insurance webpage

If you enrolled in Fordham's insurance plan in the Fall, but now you want to waive out of Fordham's plan for the spring semester, you must complete this waiver form in addition to the above instructions! 

Remember, you will need to complete this process every year at the start of the fall semester.

If you enrolled in Fordham’s insurance plan in the fall, but now want to waive that plan for the spring (or summer) term, you can do so. However, the online waiver will not be available to you (because the system thinks you are enrolled and want to remain enrolled). You should complete all the other steps and bring your application (with everything listed above except the online waiver confirmation page) to the Office of University Health Services.

If your waiver is approved in the fall term, then you are waived for the whole year (fall, spring, and summer terms for grad business students; fall and spring terms for all other students.) The process resets every fall, so you will need to complete another waiver every fall while you are a student.

NOTE: the Fordham insurance charge WILL appear on your student account at the start of every term. But, it should be automatically removed within the first few weeks of the term. If the charge has not been removed from your account after 3 weeks of the term, please contact Maritza Rivera-Garcia, Health Insurance Compliance Administrator.

If you waived the Fordham insurance plan in the fall, but now you want to enroll, you may do so. Please contact Maritza Rivera-Garcia to become enrolled.

Maritza Rivera-Garcia, Health Insurance Compliance Administrator

For health insurance concerns, you may contact Ms. Rivera-Garcia. However, for any other health-related concern, including questions about immunization, you must email health@fordham.edu