NYS Community Schools Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

The New York State Community Schools Technical Assistance Center (TAC) for New York City provides a wide range of professional development (PD) and technical assistance (TA) to all existing Community School Programs (245 in 2018) and aspiring schools.

The mission of the CS-TAC is to deliver quality guidance and training to the Community Schools in New York City. In exemplifying of the mission of Fordham University’s Graduate School of Education, the TAC serves Community School leaders, teachers, and their respective stakeholders by ensuring access to pertinent resources and providing quality professional development opportunities.

Funded by the New York State Education Department, the CS-TAC works collaboratively with all stakeholders engaged in the Community Schools movement to ensure that local capacity is built and stronger community relationships are formed. To this end, all schools receive ongoing access to research-based best practices related to the implementation of the Community Schools strategy.

We address critical functions, including

  • Needs and Assets Assessments
  • Professional Development Workshops in a variety of areas and domains
  • Help Desk assistance via our dedicated CS-TAC Hotline (212-636-6100) and email ([email protected])

The CS-TAC benefits from support provided by Fordham's Graduate School of Education faculty, staff, coaches, and consultants.

Kevin Coyne
[email protected]