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M.S. in Computer Science

Hone your software skills, in our newly updated facilities, as you seek out creative solutions in a fast-paced technological age, with courses in artificial intelligence, robotics, cybersecurity, data analytics, etc.

M.A. in Public Media

Engage in media theory while building your own portfolio and enhancing your communication skills as you tell compelling stories across existing and emerging platforms, from radio to T.V to mobile apps.

M.A. in Global History

Reinvent your view of the world and pursue original research as you seek to understand human history through new, transnational approaches in New York City.

M.A. in Philosophy

Develop the abilities to analyze issues, construct arguments, and publish original research on a range of philosophical issues from both historical and contemporary perspectives.

M.S. in Clinical Research Methods

Gain the competitive edge needed to earn a spot in top doctoral programs or a research jobs in clinical psychology with this two-year, intensive master’s program.