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M.S. in Cybersecurity

Learn how to identify soutions to global cyber threats while mastering legal, ethical, and policy issues. Students graduate with a unique degree that prepares them for careers in law enforcement, government, and private industry.

M.A. in Catholic Theology

Gain a deep understanding of theological concepts with a program of study designed to prepare you for doctoral work or a career in education, campus ministry, counseling, and other related fields.

M.S. in Applied Psychological Methods

Deepen your knowledge of data analytics and behavioral science, while gaining hands-on experience applying psychological research to real-world problems.

M.A. in Philosophy

Gain a deep understanding of philosophical issues and approaches from historical and contemporary perspectives while developing your ability to analyze issues and conduct arguments.

M.A. in English

Gain a complex knowledge of English and American literature from different periods, as you develop skills in close reading, literary theory, and research practices.