GSAS Diploma Ceremony

The 2023 University Commencement took place on Saturday, May 20, at the Rose Hill Campus.

Diploma Ceremony Photographs

The best opportunities for individual photographs are at the Diploma Ceremony. There will also be a professional photographer at the Diploma Ceremony who will photograph the graduates. Students will receive proofs from the photographer and may order prints directly from the company.

Island Photography will take a photograph of each graduate in front of the GSAS banner on the altar. Doctoral graduates will also have a photograph taken when they are being hooded by their mentor. Island Photography has developed an online registration page to make it quick and convenient for family to view photos.  If you would like to receive a direct link to the photos, visit the Island Photography website to register. You may register several email addresses to allow all of your family and friends to receive a direct link to this event. Images will be posted within 72 hours of the ceremony.  All inquiries should be made to Island Photography at 800-869-0908. Purchase is optional.

Click here to register family and friends so they can receive direct links to your graduation photograph proofs.