GSAS Graduate Student Support Grant

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) and the Graduate Student Council (GSC) jointly administer our graduate student funding opportunity, the Graduate Student Support Grant (SSG).

This merit-based award, which replaces both the Research Support Grants (RSGs) and Professional Development Grants (PDGs), provides support for student conference and/or research travel expenses; select dissertation expenses; and/or alternative learning experiences. For more information, please consult the Program Information and Award Types page. The SSG framework increases the availability of resources to students; expands the scope and nature of eligible requests; and provides a more efficient and streamlined review process.

SSG award proposals will be vetted by a Selection Committee comprising of anonymous graduate students, with occasional input from the GSAS administration, and be awarded as a claim to reimbursement of funds. Students will seek reimbursement for their award amount after completion of their project, adhering to all the reimbursement procedures set forth by Accounts Payable.