SSG Frequently Asked Questions

  • Students may only apply for one funding track in the same SSG award cycle. If your proposal appears to fit within multiple tracks, please apply for the track that best fits your proposal.

  • The University will only reimburse the party that made the payment to the vendor. For example, if you share the cost of renting a car with another student, only the student that paid the rental car agency can be reimbursed (with proper expense documentation). The University will not reimburse you for the amount that you reimbursed the other student.

  • You can share the cost of a hotel room with another individual; however, the University will only reimburse the individual whose name and credit card information are listed on the hotel bill. Please arrange with your hotel to split the charges in advance of checking-in.

  • No. The SSG will not reimburse students for per diem related expenses; there is no set amount per day. Instead, itemized receipts of the actual expenses must be provided.

  • The University will reimburse the cost of gas for filling a rental car as long as you present a copy of the receipt. For the use of personal vehicles, the University will reimburse based on the IRS standard mileage rate found on the IRS website; for 2022, this amount is 58.5 cents a mile. To request reimbursement, provide a screenshot/copy from an online map showing the mileage to/from your destination.

  • Approved expenses that are paid in a foreign currency must be converted to U.S. dollars when completing your reimbursement form. For expenses paid using cash, please retain your original receipt and convert the foreign currency expenditure into U.S. dollars using the Oanda Currency Converter.  A print out of the rate provided by Oanda is also required. For expenses paid using your credit card, please provide a copy of your statement showing the conversion rate and U.S. dollar equivalent charge as applied by your credit card provider.