SSG Frequently Asked Questions

  • The following types of expenses are eligible for reimbursement. While the list is not meant to be exhaustive, it is a helpful guide:

    • transportation costs
    • lodging (up to $125 per night)
    • conference registration fees
    • materials and supplies for research experiments
    • access fees for libraries, museums, archives relevant to the project
    • fees for professional development activities/seminars not otherwise provided in any form by the university, program, or department
    • human subject incentives, in the form of consumable items such as food or toys

    The following items are purchases that, if approved by the Selection Committee (please confirm with GSAS/GSC), must be made directly by the University using SSG funds:

    • human subject incentives, in the form of gift cards (please note that cash may not be distributed as human subject incentives)
    • purchase of software licenses not already available through Fordham IT to a Fordham owned computer

    The following items and expenses are ineligible for University reimbursement. They include, but are not limited to:

    • payments to yourself
    • personal livelihood expenses (e.g. rental payments, utility payments, daily food expenses)
    • hiring of research assistants
    • purchase of books or journal subscriptions (this does not apply to archival material that is available for digital purchase in lieu of travel to an archive)
    • purchase of general office or computer equipment/supplies (e.g. laptops, tablets, printers)
    • purchase of software licenses already available through Fordham IT
    • per diems
    • food and alcohol
    • travel companion costs
    • personal care items
    • entertainment costs
    • payments to individuals for services rendered
    • items not relevant to your award and/or not included in the grant proposal

    For additional questions, please email

  • Students may only apply for one funding track in the same SSG award cycle. If your proposal appears to fit within multiple tracks, please apply for the track that best fits your proposal.

  • The University will only reimburse the party that made the payment to the vendor. For example, if you share the cost of renting a car with another student, only the student that paid the rental car agency can be reimbursed (with proper expense documentation). The University will not reimburse you for the amount that you reimbursed the other student.

  • You can share the cost of a hotel room with another individual; however, the University will only reimburse the individual whose name and credit card information are listed on the hotel bill. Please arrange with your hotel to split the charges in advance of checking-in.

  • No. The SSG will not reimburse students for food or other per diem related expenses.

  • The University will reimburse you for gasoline expenses incurred for rental cars only. Personal vehicle use is reimbursed using the standard mileage rates established by the Internal Revenue Service. When completing your request for reimbursement, you must include a printed map/itinerary of your journey showing the mileage to/from your destination.

  • Approved expenses that are paid in a foreign currency must be converted to U.S. dollars when completing your reimbursement form. For expenses paid using cash, please retain your original receipt and convert the foreign currency expenditure into U.S. dollars using the Oanda Currency Converter.  A print out of the rate provided by Oanda is also required. For expenses paid using your credit card, please provide a copy of your statement showing the conversion rate and U.S. dollar equivalent charge as applied by your credit card provider.