GSAS Graduate Assistantships

Students receiving financial aid may be assigned to Graduate Assistantships under the direction of faculty in their department or elsewhere. Graduate assistants are requested to spend no more than 18 hours per week on their graduate assistantship duties. The academic period runs from approximately the third week of August through University commencement, including days when there are no classes but the University is open (e.g. the January and Spring breaks). Graduate assistants on half financial aid packages are asked to spend no more than nine hours per week on the graduate assistantship duties.

An assistantship may be revoked, and a student’s financial aid may not be renewed, on the basis of poor evaluations from department/program.

If a student wishes to resign from an assistantship, the following parties must be notified in writing immediately:

  1. The academic department or program
  2. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences ([email protected])