GSAS Fellowships

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers many different fellowship opportunities.

Distinguished Fellowships

We offer four Distinguished Fellowships.

The Alumni Dissertation Fellowship is the final award an excellent doctoral candidate would receive. The student may apply for this award only after the department has accepted the proposal and the dean has approved the dissertation title and committee.

The Research Fellowship offers support for students who wish to work closely with faculty mentors to develop their own dissertation research projects or to learn methods or procedures that they will use in their own dissertation research.

The Senior Teaching Fellowship provides support for those students who have already completed a teaching fellowship in the department. Students who have completed a Graduate Teaching Assistantship assignment in which the level of teaching responsibility was sufficient to demonstrate the exemplary nature of the student's teaching ability may also apply.

The Summer Research Fellowship provides support to students who wish to devote the summer to work on proposals to apply for prestigious fellowships, articles for publication, and conference papers. Recipients of the fellowship are required to present papers at the annual Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Student Research Weekend.

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Fellowship in Higher Education Leadership

The hallmark of this Fellowship is collaborative mentorship. This means Fellows help carry out the vision of the Dean, and also contribute their own ideas to the Graduate School. The access and training it gives GSAS students is unparalleled.

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Mary Magdalene Impact Fellowship

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Mary Magdalene Impact Fellowships provide support for graduate students who wish to devote a summer to pursuing scholarship and research interests in the area of women in Christianity. Preference will be given to applicants whose scholarship and research interests include women in Christianity; focus on the impact of Christianity and its teachings and structures on women; and/or incorporate the study of Mary Magdalene.

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Renaissance Society of America Fellowship

A collaboration between the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) and the Renaissance Society of America Fellowship (RSA) offers a unique opportunity for a GSAS doctoral student to be appointed to an RSA Fellowship. The 12-month Fellowship can be renewed for a total term of two (2) years and the Fellow will serve as the Book Reviews Manager for the RSA publication, Renaissance Quarterly (RQ).

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Santander International Internships Fellowship

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Santander International Internships Fellowships provide support for master's and doctoral students who wish to devote the summer to work with an international non-governmental organization (NGO).

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