GSAS Who Does What

We in GSAS are here to help you navigate your graduate studies. Below are brief descriptions of who we are and how to get in touch with us quickly for assistance.

Academic Operations and Support

If you need assistance regarding GSAS policies and procedures; student records/transcripts, Degreeworks, registration, change of grade, add/drop requests, student forms; leave requests, dismissals or withdrawals; graduation clearance; scholarship posting and student stipends; course offerings and changes; academic integrity violations; thesis/dissertations; GSAS academic calendar; please contact:

Academic Strategic Initiatives

If you need assistance regarding academic program development, policies that affect students, or academic situations that might go beyond your department or program, please contact:


If you need assistance regarding admissions and application processes; Slate access or issues; application requirements; recruitment; and dedicated events, including program information sessions, admitted students week and orientation, please contact:

Business Systems

If you need assistance regarding data collection and GSAS business functions; annual report; and surveys, please contact:

Dean's Office

If you need assistance regarding to setting meetings with the Dean; new hire paperwork; Keating 124 room reservation; or internal GSAS office organization; please contact:

Distinguished Fellowships

If you need assistance regarding GSAS distinguished fellowships processes for both new and continuing students, please contact:

  • Seoyoon Chang, Ed.D., Assistant Dean for Student Professional Development, at [email protected]

Finance and Administration

If you need assistance regarding tuition revenue and scholarship information; financial aid awards; forecasting and enrollment planning; budget codes; scholarship funds; fee waivers, stipends or endowments, please contact:

Marketing/Web Communications

If you need assistance regarding marketing, communications, and recruitment opportunities, or website and Jotform new initiatives, issues, and updates, please contact:

Professional Development and Special Events

If you need assistance regarding the GSAS’ professional development resources, including our GSAS Futures or Preparing Future Faculty programs; distinguished fellowship awards; student job opportunities; mentorship; and special events, including new student orientation, the GSAS diploma ceremony, etc., please contact:

  • Seoyoon Chang, Ed.D., Assistant Dean for Student Professional Development, at [email protected]