GSAS Tuition Scholarships

Tuition scholarships are a part of most financial aid award offers and are awarded on a per-credit basis. In addition, full or partial tuition scholarships may be offered to qualified students in select programs or to match the aid from research grants of faculty members.

  • Tuition scholarships are considered to be Graduate School of Arts and Sciences financial aid, and students must meet the eligibility requirements previously described, including full time student status.
  • Tuition scholarships can only be applied toward coursework that meets degree requirements
  • Tuition scholarships cannot be used to audit courses, to take undergraduate courses that do not fulfill a language requirements, to take a course that is a condition of admission, or for personal enrichment.
  • Charges associated with 0-credit courses (e.g. graduate "Language for Reading" courses) will be covered by the tuition scholarship, but will reduce the number of credits that may be taken in a given academic year.

Partial tuition scholarships are available for high school teachers in selected programs and for teachers at Jesuit high schools. In addition, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences participates in the Mayor’s Scholarship Program, which provides partial tuition scholarships for employees of the City of New York. Some discounts are also available to members of the clergy and to staff and faculty at partner institutions. Contact the GSAS dean’s office for information about eligibility.

Students who receive any form of tuition scholarship must register by the deadlines posted in registration materials or they may forfeit their tuition scholarship. Additionally, students who register late are charged a late registration fee.