About the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Keating Hall as the Sunrises.

In the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Fordham University, the life of the mind is built on—and enriched by—the very act of reciprocity implied in mentorship.

  • Fordham's faculty members are approachable, caring, and rigorous in their expectations, both of their students and themselves.
  • Fordham's professors are distinguished scholars who manage tens of millions of dollars in grant awards and publish approximately 500 monographs, books, book chapters, and articles each year. Such accomplished professors have a profound impact upon their students, and their accomplishments overflow into the lives of students.
  • Fordham graduate students have the opportunity to invest in others in ways that foster the development of skills that cannot be learned in the laboratory or library alone, skills that find their being in human relationships, including:
    • Professional development workshops
    • Student-run professional conferences
    • Teaching undergraduate classes in their respective fields of study
  • A Fordham Graduate School of Arts and Sciences education, while academically challenging, is never merely academic.

  • Fordham's Jesuit tradition informs education that is student-centered, emphasizing the individual and the development of the whole person.

  • Graduates leave Fordham with professional skills and confidence, ready to put knowledge into action, improve the human condition, and add to their knowledge bases.