Fellowship and Summer Assistantship

Summer and Academic Year Fellowship Payments (excludes Teaching Fellowships)
Fellowship payments are disbursed by Fordham University’s Accounts Payable department by ACH deposit. The ACH Deposit Request Forms will be emailed to you by GSAS.

12-month stipends including the Clare Boothe Luce Fellowship
The Luce Fellowship is issued in twelve monthly payments from July to June.

GSAS Alumni Dissertation Fellowship – 12-month stipend
First three monthly payments are issued as a summer advance in mid-June. Nine monthly payments follow from September to May.

GSAS Research Fellowship – 10-month stipend
1st payment is issued as an advance. 1/4th of the stipend is issued in mid-June. Nine monthly payments follow on the first week of each month from September to May.

Endowed and Departmental Fellowships – 10-month stipend
The Endowed and Departmental Fellowships currently include but are not limited to the Tomasic, the Loyola, the Anastasi, and the University. These payments are issued the in ten monthly payments from August through May. The administration of external fellowships and certain endowed or gift fellowships may not follow this schedule due to the specific requirements of the external institution or donor.

GSAS Summer Fellowship – summer stipend
The summer fellowship stipend is issued in one lump sum payment by the end of May.

GSAS Summer Assistantship Awards
Summer Assistantship stipend payments are issued through Fordham’s Payroll office in bi-weekly installments. GSAS will contact you about your summer assignment and pay schedule, as well as any required paperwork needed to process your stipend.

Summer Assistants should spend no more than 20 hours/week on their designated professional development assignment which runs from May 20 through July 25, 2024. The Summer GA payroll schedule may not apply to externally funded summer awards or department specific awards.