Student Reimbursement Guide for GSAS Grants

Fordham GSAS and the GSC award grants that reimburse students for research expenses, conference attendance and/or presentations, and other scholarly and professional development activities. Most of these awards are issued as reimbursements. If possible, students are encouraged to have expenses paid directly by Fordham University to the vendor providing the goods or services. 

To be reimbursed, please read through the GSC Reimbursement Guide and follow the instructions therein within 30 days of the date that you complete the project for which you seek reimbursement. You can opt to send things electronically by email or fill out our automated Reimbursement Request Form. Please read through all our reimbursement documents thoroughly and adhere to the instructions therein. Any deviation from them could end up in slower processing times for reimbursements.

What is can be reimbursed and what is supporting documentation? All payment requests to Fordham University must follow the Accounts Payable manual. A copy of this manual is available through the Policies and Procedures web page for the Office of Research at: AP Manual June 2013. Below, are frequently asked questions and important clarifications on payment requests.

  • What is sufficient supporting documentation?

    Supporting documentation must substantiate that the request is for a true obligation of Fordham University and not of any other party. To substantiate this position, documentation must include:
    • Copy of the award letter.
      Documentation from the vendor to substantiate the charge such as an itemized invoice
      or itinerary. The documentation must:
      • Be original; [If the vendor provides confirmation/billing by email and/or on a website, Accounts Payable will accept a print out. If the vendor provides an original receipt (such as a restaurant receipt, for example), the original must be provided. If the original is not available, you must provide a signed memo detailing why the original is not available (it was lost, etc.) and confirming that you have not sought reimbursement of this expense by Fordham or from any other party at any other time.]
      • Identify the vendor;
      • Include an itemized list of goods or services provided;
      • List dates of the transaction;
      • Provide rates; and
      • Include amount(s) due.

    • If you have paid the expense and are seeking reimbursement, the documentation must also reflect:
      The name of person who paid the charge;
      • The amount paid;
      • The date paid; and
      • The method of payment.

  • Are there any items for which a student cannot be reimbursed:

    Yes. There are items that the university will not reimburse. These include, but are not limited to:
    • Equipment,
    • Computers,
    • Software,
    • Per diems,
    • Alcohol,
    • Travel companion costs,
    • Personal care items,
    • Entertainment costs,
    • Payments to individuals for services rendered,
    • Items not relevant to award and/or not included in grant proposal.

      Also note that, the University will not reimburse for travel expenses until after the date of travel. Exceptions can be made for airfare if booked through the Fordham University travel agent. For more information, contact [email protected].

  • Can I be reimbursed for a payment made by a third party?

    The University will only reimburse the person that made the payment to the vendor. For example, if you share the cost of renting a car with another student, only the student that paid the rental car agency can be reimbursed. The University will not reimburse you for the amount that you reimbursed the other student. In addition, behind the scenes reimbursement between students can call into question whether the expense is a “true obligation of Fordham University” and impede, delay, or prevent reimbursement from the grant.

  • I am sharing a hotel room with another student—can we split the cost?

    You can share the cost of a hotel room, however the university can only reimburse the person who paid the hotel bill. In order to split the bill, you can request to charge two cards at the hotel desk at check-out. Or, the student who paid the bill can be reimbursed from the grant award.

  • My award is for travel, can I receive a per diem?

    No. Fordham University will not issue per diems to students. Instead, original receipts for food, accommodations, modes of travel, must be provided for reimbursement. The daily allowance for these receipts cannot exceed the per diem rate located provided on the U.S. GSA Per Diem Rates page. For international per diem rates, see US Department of State Per Diem Allowances.

  • I am traveling by car, can I be reimbursed for gas?

    The University will reimburse the cost of gas for filling a rental car ONLY. For the use of personal vehicles, the University will reimburse based on the IRS standard mileage rate found on the IRS website. To request reimbursement, provide a print out from an online map showing the mileage to/from your destination.

  • What do I do if I the costs are in foreign currencies?

    Items paid in foreign currencies must be converted to US Dollar. You can either provide the actual amount charged to a credit card by providing documents that evidence the US dollar amount charged or the amount can be converted to US Dollar using a conversion table. A copy of the conversion table should be attached to your request. The Office of Accounts Payable recommends the Oanda Currency Converter.
  • I did not submit a budget with my grant proposal. How can I be sure that the items I am considering will be reimbursed?

    Using the GSAS/GSC Budget Proposal and Justification Form submit a proposal on how you plan to use the awarded funds. You will receive confirmation if the planned expenses are allowable. Complete supporting documentation will still need to be submitted to receive reimbursement.