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Alumni Dissertation Fellowships

The application is now closed. Please check back next fall.

Alumni Dissertation Fellowships allow students to devote full-time work to their dissertations. Students must complete their dissertation during the fellowship year. Failing to complete the dissertation in the fellowship year will compromise future awards for their department. The Alumni Dissertation Fellowship is the last of the internally administered prestigious awards for advanced doctoral students. Once a student has received an Alumni Dissertation Fellowship, s/he will not be eligible for other GSAS academic year awards (i.e., Graduate Assistantship, Research Assistantship, Teaching Fellowship, Research Fellowship, or Senior Teaching Fellowship).  The support will be offered on a competitive basis and will reward students who have already submitted proposals for fellowships, published articles and/or book reviews, presented papers at conferences.

Award Information
The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Alumni Dissertation Fellowship provides a 12-month stipend and tuition scholarship. For updated stipend rates, please see Stipends and Scholarships

Doctoral students in good standing with satisfactory academic progress according to the guidelines established by the graduate school are eligible for this award. A student may apply for this award only after the department has accepted the proposal and the Dean has approved the dissertation title and dissertation committee. A student may apply for only one of the three academic-year merit awards for advanced students (Research Assistantship, Senior Teaching Fellowship, or Alumni Dissertation Fellowship). A student may apply for a Summer Fellowship. A student cannot hold both a 12-month merit award (i.e., the Alumni Dissertation Fellowship) and a Summer Fellowship. 

Application Materials
The application will be available after December 1, 2017.  To apply, log on to your my.fordham portal to apply for the Alumni Dissertation Fellowship.

  • A 300-word statement that addresses the dissertation’s contribution to the scholarly field, indicates the status of the dissertation research and writing, and outlines a timetable for completion. Remember that your application will be reviewed by faculty members outside your department, who will not know the stages of and time requirements for a dissertation in your field
  • Curriculum Vitae

A letter of recommendation from your mentor is also required. Please ask your mentor to assess the status of your dissertation research and writing and to provide an honest appraisal of the likelihood of dissertation completion during your award year. The student should arrange for the mentor or adviser to submit a letter of recommendation electronically directly to the Department by the deadline date (see above).

Departments Only
Each department may nominate up to 2 students for the Alumni Dissertation Fellowship. To nominate students, the Department Chair or Program Director should prepare a letter ranking the two nominees and describing how they make use of the award. These letters should also reflect student progress on their dissertations to date and in the fellowship year, indicating likelihood of defense of the dissertation in this year. Nominations are limited to 100 words per nominee or 250 words total. If no ranking is indicated, the student whose name appears first will be considered to be rated as the top candidate. 

Review and Selection Process
Applications will first be submitted to the student’s department. Committees within each department will discuss and rank the applications. The members of the Distinguished Fellowships Committee (DFC) will read all applications and the DFC will make its recommendations to the Dean. Applicants will receive notification approving or denying their applications by April 1.