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Full-Time Faculty Profiles

Gregory Acevedo
Associate Professor
Director, Bachelors Degree in Social Work
BA, MS, University of Pennsylvania; PhD, Bryn Mawr College

Binta Alleyne-Green
Assistant Professor
BA, MSW, Clark Atlanta University; PhD, University of Tennessee

Dana Alonzo
Associate Professor
BA, MSW, NYU; PhD, Fordham University

Cathy Berkman
Associate Professor
Director, Palliative Care Fellowship
Chair of Research Area
BS, University of Vermont; MSW, Boston University; PhD, Yale University

Robert Chazin
BA, CUNY (City College); MSW, Columbia University; DSW, Case Western Reserve University

Matthew Chin
Assistant Professor
BA, University of Toronto; MSW, PhD, University of Michigan

Daniel Coleman
Associate Professor
BA, University of Massachusetts; MSW, Smith College; PhD, University of California

Elaine Congress
Associate Dean and Professor
BA, Brown University; MAT, Yale University; MSW, Columbia University; MA, New School for Social Research; DSW, CUNY (Hunter)

Carole B. Cox
BA, California (Berkeley); MSW, Virginia Commonwealth; PhD, Maryland

Helen M. Crohn
Clinical Associate Professor
BFA, Pratt Institute; MFA, RIT, MSS, Bryn Mawr School of Social Work; DSW, Adelphi

Maddy Cunningham
Associate Professor
BA, Queens College; MSW, DSW, Adelphi

Chris Curtis
Assistant Professor
BS, Jackson State University; MSW, PhD, Tulane University

Jordan DeVylder
Associate Professor
BA, NYU; MS, Georgia Institute of Technology; MSSW, MPhil, PhD, Columbia University

G. Lawrence Farmer
Associate Professor
BA, MSW, University of Pittsburgh; PhD, Florida International University

Mary Ann Forgey
BA, MSW, Boston College; PhD, Columbia University

Shirley Gatenio Gabel
BA, Bryn Mawr College; MS, MPh, PhD, Columbia University

Lauri Goldkind
Associate Professor
BA, Rollins College; MSW, SUNY Stony Brook, PhD, Yeshiva University

Janna C. Heyman
Professor, Henry C. Ravazzin Chair
BA, SUNY (Brockport); MSW, PhD, Fordham University

Warren Dana Holman
Clinical Associate Professor
BA, Tufts University; MSW, Fordham; DSW, CUNY (Hunter)

Amy Horowitz
Nicholas J. Langenfeld Chair in Social Research
MSW, Fordham; PhD, Columbia University

Barbara Kail
Associate Professor
BA, Bryn Mawr; MS, DSW, Columbia University

Rachelle E. Kammer
Clinical Associate Professor
BA, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; MSW, PhD, Columbia University

David E. Koch
Clinical Associate Professor
BA, University of California(Berkeley); MSW, Fordham University; PhD, CUNY (Graduate Center)

Winnie W. Kung
Associate Professor
BSoc Sc, University of Hong Kong; MSW. Washington University at St. Louis; PhD University of Chicago

Ji Seon Lee
Associate Dean and Associate Professor
BA, SUNY (Stony Brook); MPA, MSSW, PhD, Columbia University

Anita Lightburn
Director, Beck Institute on Religion and Poverty
BA, Wheaton College, MSS, M Ed, EdD, Columbia University

Dana B. Marlowe
Clinical Associate Professor
BA, State University at Binghamton; MSW, SUNY, Buffalo; PhD, Fordham

Tina Maschi
Associate Professor
BA, Douglas College; MSW, PhD, Rutgers University

Manoj Pardasani
Senior Associate Dean and Associate Professor
BA, University of Mumbai; MSW, PhD,Yeshiva University

Rose M. Perez
Associate Professor
BA, Boston University; MBA, University of Michigan; MA, PhD University of Chicago

Cynthia Cannon Poindexter
Associate Professor
BA, Duke University; MSW, University of South Carolina; PhD, University of Illinois  

Marciana Popescu
Associate Professor
BSW, MA, University of Bucharest; MSW, Tulane University; PhD, University of Bucherest

Howard Robinson
Clinical Associate Professor
BA, MA, Columbia University; MSW, Fordham University; DSW, CUNY

Abigail Ross
Assistant Professor
BA, University of Notre Dame; MPH, MSW, PhD, Boston University

Yvette Sealy
Associate Professor
BA, MSW, CUNY (Hunter); PhD, Fordham

Lyn Kennedy Slater
Clinical Associate Professor
MSW, Hunter; MA, SUNY Albany School of Criminal Justice; PhD, CUNY Graduate and University Center

Judith R. Smith
Associate Professor
BA, Antioch College; MSW, Adelphi, PhD, Columbia

Virginia C. Strand
BA, Macalester; MSW, Catholic University; DSW, Columbia University

Sandra Turner
Associate Professor
Director, Institute for Women and Girls
BA, Northwestern; MSW, Fordham; PhD, Rutgers

Laura Wernick
Assistant Professor
BA, University of California, Berkeley; MSW, MPA, Columbia University; MA, PhD, University of Michigan

Fuhua Zhai
Associate Professor
BA, China Youth College for Political Sciences; MSW, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; MPhil, PhD, Columbia University