GSAS Co-tutelle Application Guidelines and Requirements

Proposals for a Co-tutelle arrangement will be considered complete and ready for review by the GSAS Dean only when all required documentation is submitted via the online Co-tutelle Proposal Form. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the Co-tutelle proposal form is complete. Incomplete Co-tutelle proposals will not be reviewed.  

  • The application process and deadline will be announced in November.
  • The applicant's dissertation adviser/mentor and Director of Graduate Studies/Associate Chair of Graduate Studies and Department Chair shall submit a formal request to the GSAS Dean via email proposing the Co-tutelle by December 8, 2023. The GSAS Dean will review all formal requests in a timely manner.
  • Pending receipt of the GSAS Dean's approval, the applicant and the proposed joint dissertation advisers/mentors will develop a detailed plan of study and research, which must receive the express support of the Director of Graduate Studies/Associate Chair of Graduate Studies, and Department Chair.
  • The applicant will complete a Co-tutelle Proposal Form no later than January 8, 2024, and upload the following required documents as one PDF saved in this format - applicant's last name_first name_Dept_Co-tutelle_Proposal (e.g., Doe_Jane_HIST_Co-tutelle_Proposal) in the following order:
    1. A detailed plan of study and research, including:
      1. a title and description of the proposed doctoral research;
      2. the terms and duration of study and research in residence at each institution as approved the applicant's faculty advisers/mentors from both institutions;
      3. all financial aid implications of entering into a Co-tutelle arrangement; and
      4. all relevant information conveying the value and benefits of undertaking the applicant's dissertation project through a Co-tutelle arrangement.
      5. Three signed letters of support from:
        • Department Chair or Director of Graduate Studies/Associate Chair of Graduate Studies;
        • Fordham dissertation adviser/mentor; and
        • Co-tutelle Partner Institution dissertation adviser/mentor. 

          Letters of support from the applicant’s advisers/mentors must convey detailed information regarding the agreed upon division of responsibilities and work to be carried at each institution (including if one adviser/mentor plans to serve as the “lead” adviser/mentor); articulate the value and benefits of undertaking this dissertation project through a Co-tutelle arrangement; and the willingness and ability of each adviser/mentor to support the applicant and fulfill the terms of the proposed Co-tutelle arrangement.

    2. The curriculum vita of each dissertation adviser/mentor.
    3. Detailed information pertaining to how you will fund your Co-tutelle arrangement.
  • The GSAS Dean will review completed Co-tutelle proposals and issue a final decision by the end of March.
  • Upon receiving the GSAS Dean's approval, an official Co-tutelle Agreement reflecting the details of the proposed Co-tutelle arrangement will be finalized and all necessary signatures procured. A copy of the signed agreement is maintained by all parties, with the official document of record being filed at the GSAS Dean’s office. At that time, the applicant will submit an admission application to enroll in the designated doctoral program at the Co-tutelle partner institution. Upon receipt of a formal offer of admission for the selected program, the Co-tutelle agreement will be considered executed and in effect until full completion of its terms or until it exceeds its designated expiration term.

Please note: Eligible Co-tutelle partner institutions may only be those institutions that are not presently accredited in the United States.