GSAS Graduate Student Council Representatives

GSC President Preston Carter

Preston Carter is a doctoral candidate in Philosophy and the President of the Graduate Student Council for the 2024-2025 academic year. He looks forward to working with students, especially those in the GSAS student body seeking empowerment within their education. His research focuses on social and political philosophical approaches (especially those of Édouard Glissant) to colonialism and resistance to colonialism in the French Caribbean, especially the direct actions of the Liyannaj Kont Pwofitasyon (Alliance against Colonial Profiteering).

GSC Vice President Anya Wang

Anya serves as the GSC Vice President for the 2024-2025 academic year. She hopes to continue outgoing GSC President Gaby Hurtarte's work of strengthening communal aspects of graduate student life at Fordham, with a focus on improving mental health support, increasing the overall visibility of the graduate student population in the university, and encouraging initiatives/programs that enrich graduate student well-being on both campuses and in all departments. She is a doctoral student in Philosophy primarily interested in A. N. Whitehead's Process Philosophy. In her own research, she aims to construct a Whiteheadian theory of expressive activity of all kinds, with ultimate hopes of making this general notion of expression useful for thinking and (well-)being in everyday life.

GSC Representatives

Department Representative Contact Information
Biological Sciences Camryn Puccio (cell/molecular track)
Kimberly Hughes (ecology track)
[email protected]
[email protected]
Computer Science TBD TBD
Economics Aakriti Saraswat [email protected] 
English Robin Ortiz [email protected]
Ethics and Society TBD TBD
Health Administration Leah Myers [email protected]
History Frances Eshleman [email protected]
Humanitarian Studies TBD TBD
International Humanitarian Action (MIHA) TBD TBD
International Political Economy and Development Stephanie Galbraith [email protected]
International Students Uttara Rangarajan [email protected]
Medieval Studies James Terrasi [email protected]
Philosophy Michael Au Mullaney [email protected]
Psychology TBD TBD
Public Media Mónica Ferrando [email protected]
Theology Matthew Siebert [email protected]
Urban Studies Priyanka Robinson [email protected]