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Student Organizations

CLAIR Student Organization

The CLAIR Student Organization (CSO) offers social, academic, and professional support for students attending Fordham GSE’s doctoral program in Contemporary Learning and Interdisciplinary Research (CLAIR). Our goal is to help make the CLAIR student experience as successful as possible. CSO initiatives include a CSO Facebook page which facilitates student communication, a peer mentoring program to supports first-year students, webinars on current educational topics, and social events that bring together members of all CLAIR cohorts.

Lauren Zucker and Susan Chambre, Co-Chairs

Tamar Brown, Peer Mentoring Program Coordinator

Cohort 1 Representative: Lauren Zucker

Cohort 2 Representative: Susan Chambre

Cohort 3 Representative: Hannah Rothman

Cohort 4 Representative: Gordon Van Owen