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Changes to Spring Academic Calendar Fordham is modifying its academic calendar in anticipation of a national resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic this winter. Full Details

COVID-19 School Closures

Spring 2020

  1. Schools may award the Seal this year when the following criteria is met by the student:
    • 3 points in English
    • 3 points in a World Language

  2. A Culminating Project Notification Form for the 2019-20 school year does not have to be submitted because of school closures due to COVID-19, as such no one will be making an in-person visit.

  3. No school visits to view presentations will be scheduled by the Office of Bilingual Education World Language representatives.
  4. A Culminating Project Presentation between the student and the panel of interviewers via video conference can only be conducted using both audio and video to simulate an actual in-person presentation.

  5. Seal of Biliteracy Coordinators should work with all Seal candidates to determine which students have access to the technology necessary to conduct virtual/simulated in-person presentations and to identify the options available for those who do not.

  6. Recorded video presentations will not be accepted because they cannot provide interaction and spontaneity between the student and the panel.

  7. Schools offering the NYSSB in 2019-20 are required to submit two forms
    • Seal Request Form (lists the number of Seals needed by the school and the contact information for the person to whom the Seals and medallions are to be sent)
    • End-of-Year Data Form (lists each student’s ID number, demographic data, and means by which they earned the required 6 points towards the Seal).

  8. The deadlines for all forms are used to create a manageable flow of documents, however, schools may turn in these forms after the deadline where circumstances necessitate this. Schools that have these forms ready on or before May 31st are encouraged to submit by the deadline. Schools that need an extension to submit these forms after the deadline will be granted the extra time needed.

  9. During the 1st week in June of 2020, OBE-WL will reach out to any schools offering the Seal that have not yet submitted these two forms to determine the new submission deadline in collaboration with the school.

  10. Schools will receive the Seal stickers for diplomas and medallions when they submit the Seal Request Form and End-of-Year Data Form. The request form must be submitted online and the End-of-Year Data Form (Excel spreadsheet) must be received via email and the data verified by OBEWL.

    Note to Seal of Biliteracy Coordinators requesting Seal stickers and medallions: the processing of these forms and subsequent mailing of stickers and medallions take approximately one week. Therefore, Seal of Biliteracy Coordinators should plan to submit these forms with a reasonable lead time.

  11. The Seals and Medallions will be mailed starting May 15th after the receipt of the Seal Request Form and the verification of the End-of-Year Data Form