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Graduate Teaching Award - How to Apply

Each spring, the GSA will award at least 2 Graduate Student Teaching Award winners. ($500). Both Graduate Instructors and Teaching Assistants are eligible to apply. The GSA understands that teaching designations sometimes vary across departments. If you are unsure if you qualify, please contact the GSA at

Application Deadline

Friday, March 26, 2021


  • Applicants must be a matriculated GSAS student in good academic standing.
  • Applicants must have experience as a Teaching Assistant or Course Instructor for undergraduate or graduate students at Fordham for two full semesters prior to the application deadline. Semesters need not be consecutive.
  • Applicants may not have previously been awarded a GSA Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award of the same type. (A student who has previously received a Teaching Assistant award may reapply as an Instructor).
  • Award recipients must be willing to serve as a future Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award review committee member.

Review Process

Applications will be reviewed in a timely manner following the submission deadline by a committee of graduate students, with representation from each of the four academic divisions (i.e., humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and interdisciplinary programs). Committee members will review and score each application individually, after which the committee will convene to discuss applications and select award recipients. Decisions will be communicated to applicants via email by the end of the spring semester.

Application Components

Please note: All uploaded documentation must be submitted in PDF format.

  1. Online application form
  2. Statement of teaching philosophy (2-3 double-spaced pages)
    • Successful submissions will be written clearly; provide compelling evidence of effective teaching activities, strategies for engagement, and mentoring; demonstrate a high level pedagogical introspection, and demonstrate understanding of and flexibility in relation to varying student abilities and backgrounds and course content.
  3. Course evaluation (SEEQ) scores from the most recent two teaching semesters
    • It is the applicant’s responsibility to arrange to have SEEQ scores sent. Contact Felicia Satchell at (718) 817-2084 or send an email to and request the office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences Faculty to email your SEEQ scores to the GSA at
    • Students who have taught more than one course per semester should submit SEEQs from all courses taught during the relevant semesters.
    • Students who do not receive SEEQ scores from their department may still apply; their applications will be evaluated with other components weighted more heavily.
  4. Curriculum vitae
    • Include examples of teaching, presentations related to teaching, and pedagogical professional development.
  5. Faculty recommendation
    • A faculty or teaching mentor’s recommendation is required and should incorporate information obtained through observation of applicant’s teaching. If applicants have not been observed teaching or wish to solicit a recommendation from a faculty member who has not observed them, they should arrange for that person to observe their instruction prior to applying for the teaching award.
    • Applicants should request that faculty send their recommendation letters directly to the GSA at Letters should not be seen by applicants.