Instructions for Dissertation Defense Notification

1. You must use Adobe Reader. If not already installed on your computer, download the program—Adobe Reader Program.

2. Download the GSAS Dissertation Defense Notification Form pdf file and save it onto your computer.

3. Open the file.

4. Make necessary edits in the blue fields. See the below example of what is needed.

5. Save the edited file. The file should begin with the student’s Last name, First name-Defense Notification. (e.g. Doe, Jane-Defense Notification).

Information NeededExample of Information
Enter First and Last Name Nicholas Michael Alexander
Department Department of English
Enter Approved Dissertation Title with quotations "The Bronx Literature: The Borough's Evolution Through Fictitious Characters"
Scheduled Defense Specifics
Day, Date, Time, Location
Tuesday, November 1, 2022
4:00 p.m.
Keating Hall, Room 124
Mentor Dr. Christine Henderson
Readers and Examiners

Dr. Joanne Silverman, Reader
Dr. Richard Stevenson, Reader
Dr. Margaret Williamson, Examiner
Dr. Christopher Richardson, Examiner
Extra if Needed