Graduate Student Council Minorities and Philosophy

As a GSC Affiliated Group, Fordham’s Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) Chapter aims to establish an inclusive and supportive philosophical community for all students of philosophy and all graduate and faculty members of the Fordham Philosophy Department. We advance the same aims as MAP International, which include addressing:

  1. minority issues in the profession;
  2. theoretical issues regarding philosophy of gender, race, sexual orientation, class, disability, native language, etc.; and
  3. philosophy done from minority perspectives.

Please visit MAP International for more information.

Meeting formats include external or internal speakers, reading groups, film screenings, mentorship events for undergraduates or graduates, panel discussions, practical workshops (e.g., on communication techniques, navigating stereotype threat or implicit bias).

Fordham’s MAP Chapter provides opportunities for open discussions (in the form of conference talks, panels, informal gatherings, workshops, etc.) regarding practical and theoretical issues that pertain to diversity in philosophy, as a matter to be addressed within professional philosophy (and from the perspective of teachers and anyone involved in the profession) and in the broader social community. Our events cater to the needs of philosophy students and educators, with the intention of helping establish professional connections between all members of the community in a way that facilitates the personal and academic success of all community members.

Fordham MAP is open to graduate students, faculty, and undergraduate students in Fordham’s Philosophy department. We seek to help establish a bridge between undergraduate level philosophy students and those who are working at the graduate level, as a way of offering support to undergraduates who are looking to pursue philosophy at the graduate level. MAP encourages undergraduate involvement in its activities and aims to offer help to undergraduate students who have an interest in learning about and preparing for the process of applying and working through graduate school.