GSAS Graduate Student Council Graduate Film Group

The Graduate Film Group aims to help members of Fordham’s GSAS develop as film, digital, and new media scholars as well as come together as a community based on a shared passion for cinema. We screen acclaimed films and read influential, recent articles from major journals in our field, offering a monthly meeting place for graduate students and faculty. We are an interdisciplinary group with diverse research interests; therefore, our journal selections reflect both a broad scope and the latest trends in film scholarship.

By exploring up-to-date theories, methods, and practices of film studies, we help one another prepare articles for publication, incorporate film into our pedagogy and syllabi, and develop our respective projects. We also keep members updated about events happening around the city, and we would love to host public events or participate officially in events outside our immediate campus community -- forms of engagement that emphasize opportunities and implications for film studies outside the academy.