M.S. in Health Administration Success Stories

Nathaniel Davis

Nathaniel Davis, MSHA '23
Care Coordinator
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

"Fordham’s M.S. in Health Administration (MSHA) has helped me develop the necessary skills to thrive in the realm of healthcare. My time in the program was overwhelmingly useful especially when collaborating with my peers to hone different leadership styles to maximize the collaborative environment in the classroom and in our unique healthcare careers.

The MSHA program has taught me how to be a thoughtful leader and how to tackle challenges in the healthcare system with distinct and effective solutions. It was a necessary blend between social services, business, and sciences that made the coursework diverse while maintaining integrity and accuracy due to an ever-changing healthcare system."

MSHA Anthony Miro

Anthony Miro, MSHA '23
Registered Nurse, BSN
Montefiore Hospital

Fordham University's M.S. in Health Administration (MSHA) program has been an instrumental force in shaping my career path in the nursing profession. This program, with its strong emphasis on patient-centered care and the core tenet of "cura personalis" - care of the whole person, has truly transformed the way I approach healthcare. Throughout my time in the program, I was exposed to a curriculum that not only focused on the technical aspects of healthcare management but also placed a significant emphasis on the human element of patient care. This approach was a game-changer for me. I learned that it's not just about diagnosing and treating illnesses, but about understanding and addressing the unique needs of each individual in a holistic manner. The faculty was incredibly supportive and fostered an environment that encouraged critical thinking and empathy. 

I had the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions about patient care, ethics, and the importance of respecting the dignity of each person we serve. These discussions not only broadened my perspective but also instilled in me a deep sense of responsibility to provide the best care possible. Fordham's MSHA program not only equipped me with the knowledge and skills required for healthcare management but also instilled in me a genuine commitment to providing care that goes beyond just treating symptoms. It has enabled me to be a better nurse, one who understands the importance of compassion, communication, and treating each patient as an individual with unique needs. 

I am truly grateful for the education and experiences I gained at Fordham University's MSHA program, as they have not only shaped my career but also profoundly influenced the way I approach my role as a nurse. The program's emphasis on patient-centered care and "cura personalis" is a guiding light in my nursing practice, and I am proud to carry these principles forward as I continue to serve and care for patients in the healthcare profession. 

Ronny Otero

Ronny Otero, MD, MSHA '21
Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine
Medical College of Wisconsin
Vice-Chair of Clinical Operations
Froedtert Health Department of Emergency Medicine

"Despite over 20 years of experience in the healthcare field, I felt that a master's degree would provide me with a better understanding of general business principles and serve as a guide to the landscape of healthcare policies and decisions made at a corporate level. I chose Fordham because it highlighted the importance of an ethical approach to healthcare, the importance of behavioral health, and how changes can be implemented in an industry that is often slow to change. Not only did Fordham’s M.S. in Health Administration provide me with these lessons and many more, but I was also introduced to expert professors and some of the most excellent colleagues one could ask for within my master's cohort. Fordham prepared me with the knowledge and skills that I will need in my new position as Vice-Chair of Emergency Clinical Operations for Froedtert Health/ Medical College of Wisconsin. Thank you, Fordham!"

Kiannie Claros Cruz

Kiannie Claros-Cruz, MSHA '20
Staffing & Operations Specialist
Northwell Health

"After I received my bachelor's degree, I knew I wanted to pursue my master's degree. I began looking for a master's program that would provide flexibility for a full-time employee. That is what attracted me to Fordham’s Master of Science in Health Administration program.

It provided great flexibility as the classes were held on the weekends, but not only that, the curriculum aligned very well with my desired career path. The program helped strengthen my problem-solving skills and leadership skills through real-life scenarios and case studies. My cohort felt more like a family. I learned a lot from all my colleagues as we all came from diverse backgrounds and held various positions within the healthcare field. I learned a lot from my mentors, Kamal Joshi and Professor Maria Nardone. They provided guidance and support for my end-of-program capstone project. I stay connected with my mentor, Kamal Joshi, and he still reaches out to check up on me to this day! I will forever be grateful for the takeaways from the M.S. in Health Administration program and the connections I have made. This program has helped shape me into the healthcare professional I am today and has opened doors for me."

Nicole Northover

Nicole Northover, MSHA '20
Lead Research Coordinator
NYU Langone

"Right after graduating from NYU as a pre-medical student,  I immediately applied to Fordham's MSHA program and I am grateful that I made that decision.

The program is excellent and tailored to those truly interested in the Healthcare industry. Not only do you learn the multifaceted layers of the industry, you are also given a chance to think critically and ethically. I was particularly engaged in the medical ethics philosophy courses as well as Healthcare law classes, as I believe it is integral to understand these concepts as a Healthcare professional.

For my capstone project, Dr. Falguni Sen and Dr. James Couch mentored me on how to improve prison Healthcare systems. Their enduring support throughout the program was integral to my success.

In addition, I worked on a op-ed project post graduation with Dr. Caroline Pogge, where she gracefully and generously aided me in a project of my interest. These professors are truly exceptional, giving, and all around amazing human beings.

Post graduation, I went on to secure a coveted research associate position at NYU Langone, and within a year, I was able to get promoted to Lead Clinical Research Coordinator in the psychiatry department. After my two years at NYU, I was accepted into medical school and will be attending this coming fall. I believe the program definitely accelerated my growth and aided in my successes.

I will never forget the check up emails from Dr. Sen, who aided in my successes post graduation as well as Dr. Caroline Pogge, who also kept up with me to this day. 

Thank you all and I wish I had the opportunity to attend a second time!"

Victoria Okyere

Victoria Okyere, MSHA '20, MBA-HSM
Administrative Fellow
Hartford HealthCare

"I was in search of a master's program that would provide the academic knowledge to succeed in the healthcare industry while also accommodating my schedule as a full time working professional. Fordham University's Master of Science in Health Administration program was the most attractive program, as it was exactly what I was looking for. A small family-like cohort and supportive professors, with diverse experience in the healthcare industry. Our program director, Dr. Sen went above and beyond to ensure we got the experience we were seeking for. We were paired with valuable mentors/professors that coached us through our capstone project and I was privileged to have mine, Dr. Caroline Pogge, support me throughout my fellowship applications. Dr. Sen also was a key instrument in my first leadership position as a care coordination program supervisor and also supported me throughout my fellowship application process.

Fordham MSHA is the perfect program for a professional looking for the flexible opportunity to advance their healthcare management knowledge, be a part of a small family-like cohort, make lifelong colleagues/friends, and also have supportive professors and administrators that care about your success. 

Fordham MSHA is a contributing factor in my current role as an administrative fellow at Hartford Healthcare. 

I truly appreciate the dedication of our professors and program administrators."

Isabella Royes

Isabella Royes, MSHA '20
Senior Director, Cardiac Services and System Nursing Operations
Mount Sinai Health System

“The first thing that caught my eye was that it was a one-year program. I think that an accelerated program is very attractive - I wanted to get it done and not have to worry as I went through other phases of life. I also thought the competitive price of this program, as opposed to some of the other large institutions in New York City, was really worth noting.

However, I think the biggest reason that I chose the program was because of the weekend structure and format. The idea of having a weekend-program for people at the level of my career was very rare, probably not found anywhere else in New York.”

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