General Overviews and Strategies

This is a repository of resources available through Fordham to help you set up your course online, with a broad view toward general strategies to keep in mind as you make the move.

  • Fordham’s Course Continuity Strategies provides general advice for transitioning your course online.
  • Fordham’s Course Continuity Technology Guides have a list of how-to guides for many aspects of running an online course.
  • The Finding Help at Fordham page provides a list of offices you can contact, ranging from the Office of Distance Learning, IT, Technology Services, and more.
  • The Learning at a Distance Blog has a number of posts that dive into different aspects of teaching online and different tools to help you succeed.
  • The National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD) has recently made available a range of resources for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. All Fordham faculty, graduate students, and postdocs are eligible to join NCFDD for free. To register and have access to all NCFDD resources, go to the NCFDD website, find Fordham among the institutional members, and follow the prompts.

You may also find the following articles helpful for strategizing, from The Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Education: