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Merging Graduate Knowledge with Real-World Skills

Thinking your dissertation has left you with only one specific skill – an expertise in a topic that only you really care about? Maybe it feels like that Master's is not getting you to where you want to be? Think again! Graduate school leaves you with a strong and unique skill set – you just need to rethink how to use it.

Transferable Skills Checklist
How to leverage your Ph.D. outside of academia

Situation or Experience Skills Acquired
Experiment fails, and you keep trying until you find something that works perseverance, diligence, trouble-shooting, problem-solving
You work with lab mates or collaborators to accomplish a research goal team-work, collaboration
You balance classes, teaching, and research time management, multi-tasking
You need a tool that is expensive, but instead you rig something up that works just as well creativity, cleverness, resourcefulness
You mentor an undergrad or younger grad students mentoring skills, leadership, management
You give presentations at group meetings, conferences, or research symposia public speaking, presentation skills, communication
You write and edit a journal article or grant proposal writing skills, communication
You edit and offer feedback on a peer's journal article draft writing, editing, critical thinking
You had a question and you sought out a professor of expert in the field for advice inquisitiveness, resourcefulness, curiosity
You perform a literature search on a new research topic research, information gathering
You help organize or participate in a science outreach event event planning, team work, organizational skills, leadership
You acquire a truck-load of data and then spend weeks analyzing the data and drawing conclusions data analysis, critical thinking
You attend a meeting where you devise a plan for future research endeavors with your colleagues strategic planning, team work, collaboration
You met a researcher from another university and discussed potential research collaboration networking, collaboration, idea generation, creativity
Someone did something to get you mad, but you handled it in a professional and mature way people skills, team work, communication, professionalism
You were tempted to throw in the towel but you kept at it perseverance, diligence
You were tempted to throw in the towel and left grad school because it wasn't what you wanted and needed confidence, self-awareness, exploration