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SSG Eligibility and Requirements


All students matriculated in a GSAS degree program; who are in good academic standing (please refer to §7.4.1 and §7.4.2 in the GSAS Academic Policies and Procedures Guidebook for details); and who have paid their GSA student fees are eligible to apply. Early Admissions students are not eligible for the SSG awards.

Students may apply for support during either funding cycle (fall, spring); however, priority will be given to applicants who have not received support in the immediate past funding cycle.


Completed applications will include:

  • feasible project or activity objectives, clearly stated in the narrative, that articulate a clear connection between the proposed activity and the outcomes expected regarding the student’s academic or professional development
  • an appropriate Budget Proposal and Justification, with unusual or non-traditional expenses explained in the narrative
  • an updated resume or curriculum vitae
  • a Faculty Recommendation Form; starting in fall 2020, any application with a budget proposal of $300 or less is not required to submit a faculty recommendation

SSG funding recipients agree to:

  • fulfill all award requirements, within the confines of the approved and funded project proposal
  • submit accurate and complete reimbursement documentation in a timely fashion
  • be willing to serve as a future SSG Selection Committee member

Please note: Written requests to alter a funded project will be considered on a case-by-case basis. All requests for grant extensions or budget changes must be submitted for approval in advance via email to All requests for project changes must include an updated Budget Proposal and Justification.