Preparing Future Faculty Intensive General Inquiries/FAQ

For any questions about the PFF program, please email [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the deadline to enroll in the PFF program?

A: There is no enrollment deadline. We encourage students to begin the program around the second year of their Ph.D. program; however, if you are at a more advanced stage of your graduate studies, you can still participate. You can begin working on PFF requirements at any time, but you must obtain departmental approval prior to joining the program. Talk to your DGS, ACGS, or Department Chair about how to begin.

Q: I participated in a workshop years ago that fits perfectly the criteria for one of the PFF competencies—can I use it to fulfill a PFF requirement? 

A: If you were enrolled in a Ph.D. program at Fordham at the time of this activity, the answer is likely yes. The PFF Program administrator will work with your department to evaluate and vet outside programming to make sure it fulfills competency goals.

Q: What do I get for finishing the program?

A: Fordham prides itself on providing excellent pedagogy training. By participating and completing the PFF Program, you can add a line to your CV indicating that not only are you ready to teach in a classroom, but that you have educated yourself above and beyond already high standards. You will also receive a Certificate of Completion.

Q: I am a Master's student at Fordham. Can I participate in the program?

A: At the moment, only Ph.D. students are eligible to participate in the PFF Program. However, M.S. or M.A. students are welcome to participate in PFF programming sponsored by GSAS, which is open to all students. Some meetings or departmental training may be specific to Ph.D. student needs and interests, however.

Q: I think I’ve completed all the requirements. How do I finish and get my Certificate of Completion?

A: To finish the program you need to do two things—complete Competency 6: Improvement through Reflection, which includes developing a teaching portfolio and meeting with a departmental mentor to review that portfolio and discuss your progress through the program, and by writing a reflection statement. If you are not sure who your PFF department contact is, please email [email protected]