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Five-Year Track: Bachelor and Master's Degrees

Teacher Certification Programs for Fordham Undergraduate Students

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The 5-Year Integrated Teacher Education Track provides opportunities for Fordham undergraduates to complete a BA/BS in a liberal arts and science major and a 36 or 45 credit Master of Science in Teaching (MST).

The integrated track is based on a reflective practitioner model with cohorts of students progressing through a sequence of coordinated courses and field experiences designed to link theory and practice.

Graduates of the programs are highly qualified teachers who respect individuals in a multicultural society, excel in academic disciplines, acquire a broad knowledge base, learn in meaningful contexts, become reflective practitioners, and engage in life-long learning.

Which teaching programs can I pursue?

36 credit MST Programs

45 credit MST Programs for Dual Certification

Extensions (available for additional credits)

What do my fourth and fifth years look like?

Students apply to the Graduate School of Education (GSE) in the beginning of the spring semester of junior year. Qualified students receive early admission to a 36 or 45 credit Master of Science in Teaching (MST) Degree program.

In senior year, students can integrate up to 12 GSE credits while completing undergraduate requirements. During the 5th year (including summers), students complete the graduate credits required for the degree along with two semesters (fall and spring) of full-time field experiences and student teaching.

After completion of all program requirements at the end of the 5th year, students obtain an MST and are eligible for Fordham’s endorsement for New York State Initial Teacher Certification.

NYS teacher certification requires passing a series of exams (one exam to be taken during senior year) and workshops. Exam information and fees can be found at We provide extensive support in meeting certification requirements.

Why should I apply for the 5-Year Track Program

Beyond the earning both bachelor's and master's degrees in five years, the Graduate School of Education works to prepare and develop teachers who are committed to professional and school excellence, reflective practice, and lifelong learning.

  • Students graduate with over 600 hours of fieldwork. They are paired with a Field Specialist who acts as a coach and mentor during student teaching.
  • Our faculty members have many years of experience working in a variety of education settings and have a national reputation as researchers and scholars.
  • We are committed to giving students personal attention, through advisement, within courses, and beyond. Because our class sizes are small we are able to connect with each student personally.
  • Students count 12 graduate credits for both undergraduate and graduate degrees, which is a financial benefit unique to this program.
  • Fordham has been recognized nationally for its excellence in teacher education, and was the first institution in New York City accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). This recognition acknowledges that our program is of high quality and our students are widely sought after by school directors and principals nationally.
  • New York State certification is reciprocal with most states.

How does the admissions process work?

The program has a two-stage admissions process.

First Stage
Preliminary declaration of interest and MST advisement

  • Complete a Declaration of Interest form* and submit to Dr. Arlene Moliterno, 5-Year Track Coordinator at GSE.
  • Meet with Dr. Moliterno for program advisement.
  • Plan your credit/course strategy to complete your BA/BS while integrating the 12 MST credits at GSE.
  • Inform your academic advisor about intent to enter the 5-Year Track.

Once you submit the Declaration of Interest form*, Dr. Moliterno will open registration for the 1-credit Field Experience Seminar. Sophomores meet twice each semester, juniors meet three times each semester, seniors meet once monthly. Field Experience requires 30 hours per semester through senior year.

*Note: The Declaration of Interest form is on the last page of the document.

Second Stage
Formal application to the Graduate School of Education

  • Apply at the beginning of the spring semester of junior year for early admission.
  • Complete the GSE admissions application (including personal statement, two letters of reference, resume, and official transcript from all universities attended).
  • Inform your undergraduate academic advisor that you submitted your application and you will complete 12 GSE credits during senior year (including field experience and reflective seminar.)
  • Complete all liberal arts and sciences and content requirements by the end of senior year.
  • Maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0 (B or better). No D grades accepted.

How is fieldwork integrated into the program?

The goals of the field experiences are to:

  • examine your interest in teaching and to make an informed decision about teaching as a career.
  • gain insight into the curriculum and organization of a school, classroom or educational settings.
  • work with students on different age levels.
  • allow education faculty to learn about your disposition, motivation, skills, and suitability for teaching.
  • prepare you for 5th year student teaching experience.

We require a minimum of 30 hours of fieldwork in a school or approved educational setting each semester. In choosing a site, our students look for the opportunity to be an active participant in teaching-learning and to gain exposure to diverse educational settings and age groups.


Lincoln Center Campus

Dr. Arlene Moliterno, Coordinator, 5-Year Integrated Teacher Education Track
Room 1102B

Dr. John Craven
Room 1102
Science Education Coordinator

Dr. Patricia Shea-Bischoff, Coordinator, Adolescence Education Programs
Room 1103F

Dr. Aida Nevarez-LaTorre, Coordinator, TESOL and Bilingual Education
Room 1102D