GSE Bilingual School Psychology (Adv Cert)

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Degree: Advanced Certificate in School Psychology with Bilingual Extension
Credits: 66
Career Path: Certified School Psychologist with the Bilingual Extension

Start Semester: Fall
Campus: Lincoln Center

The Bilingual School Psychology (Adv Cert) program prepares students to work as practicing school psychologists and leads to NYS certification and eligibility for National Certification as a School Psychologist (NCSP). The program offers training to prepare school psychologists who are bilingual with a specialty in working with children and families of limited English proficiency, and is fully approved by the National Association of School Psychologists.

The program is fully approved by the National Association of School Psychologists.

The program builds on an undergraduate foundation in psychology, including a minimum of 66 graduate credits, and requires a one-year supervised internship. 

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Application Deadline

Fieldwork Requirements

Completion of three practica and a one year supervised internship.

Each practicum requires students to complete a minimum of 150 hours of supervised fieldwork, in schools, clinics, and hospital settings, learning and honing their skills in consultation, counseling and assessment of children and adolescents.

  • Clinical Practicum: supervised experience in counseling/clinical intervention with children and youth
  • Consultation Practicum: supervised experiences in school-based consultation
  • Integration of Assessment Techniques: supervised experience in psycho-educational assessment (Many students complete this practicum in The Rosa Hagin School Consultation and Early Childhood Centers at Fordham University.) 

Students complete a full academic year (1,500 hours), supervised internship in a school as a culminating experience once their coursework is complete.

Program Curriculum

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  • Principles of Bilingual Education or Second Language Acquisition and Assessment
  • Seminar in the Psychology of Bilingual Students
  • Multicultural Issues in Professional Psychology or Consultation With Families in a Diverse Society
  • Non-Biased Assessment and Decision-Making or Advanced Assessment Seminar: Bilingual Assessment

Plus one of the following fieldwork courses:

  • Clinical Practicum in Bilingual School Psychology
  • Consultation Practicum in Bilingual School Psychology
  • Advanced Intervention Seminar: Bilingual Intervention (Intervention project required)

Total Credits: 15

Extension Program Options

Students who enter the School Psychology BiPD program without a related master's degree will need to complete one along with the BiPD in order to be permanently certified by New York State as a School Psychologist.


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