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Alternative Careers - Master's and Ph.D.

Lexi Lord speaking at a GSAS Futures Event

Are you a Ph.D. student coming to the end of your degree and rethinking the path into academia? Are you an Master's student trying to imagine what opportunities exist beyond the traditional scope of your program? You are not alone in these questions!

Many graduate students today are rethinking the best ways to leverage the valuable academic and professional skills they have mastered through their graduate degree. Today, a growing number are veering towards “alternative-academic” careers. Going “alt-ac” has been an adopted term to describe a growing cadre of individuals with advanced academic training who are considering applying their skills, interests, and experiences to non-academic professional settings. But in some areas, academia itself has become an alternative career path for the majority of graduates. Whether you are interested in pursuing an academic career or contemplating diverse professional options, GSAS Futures is here to help. We are dedicated to helping graduate students make the transition to any career path that best suits their interests, skills, and preferences while supporting students who wish to remain in academic roles. Check out some opportunities below:

See some of the reasons why you may want to consider an alternative-academic career!