GSAS Instructions for International Recipients of GSAS Financial Aid

GSAS financial aid, such as graduate assistantship and fellowship stipends, is administered by the GSAS Office of the Academic Operations and Support. We look forward to welcoming you to Fordham; in the meantime, you may contact us at [email protected].

Please note that recipients of GSAS financial aid are required to maintain full time status and may not accept any employment within the University while holding GSAS financial aid without the written permission of the Dean.

New international students must contact the Office of International Services (OIS) immediately upon arrival. Please contact the OIS to check-in after your arrival. International students are required to attend the OIS Orientation. Please refer to the OIS website for contact and orientation information.

If you are an international student who already has a SSN (Social Security Number), please follow Instructions for Recipients of Graduate Assistantships on our Instructions for Recipients of GSAS Financial Aid page. After emailing your paperwork to GSAS, you will then be required to contact with the University Accountant of the Controller’s Office. GSAS will provide instructions when we process your paperwork.

If you do not have a SSN, you will receive assistance from the Office of International Services in obtaining a SSN. GSAS will notify you when your work authorization letter has been given to OIS and you can then contact OIS for the signed letter.  Please make an appointment with the Office of International Services. If you make an appointment, then the Office of International Services (OIS) can complete this process during the appointment.  If visiting OIS without making an appointment, it may take several days to complete.

Please note that you should be in contact with your program director to receive guidance on which courses you should be taking. International students with ESL registration holds are permitted to register for two (2) courses prior to passing the ESL exam. After consulting with your program director, you should register by the deadline indicated in the GSAS Academic Calendar. We will post the tuition award to your student account shortly after the registration deadline.  If you make changes to your registration after the registration deadline, it is very important that you email us at [email protected] to let us know, so that we can adjust your scholarship accordingly. 


Students can access their E-Bill Suite via a single sign-on through the main homepage.

  1. Log in to the New Portal
  2. Under "My Pages" click the 'Students' tab
  3. Click "My Account"
  4. Click Student Account
  5. Click "My E-Bill Suite" under Account Overview. This will link to the secure E-Bill website.

This will link to the secure E-Bill website. Once in your E-Bill suite, select "My Account", then select "Statements". You can also invite authorized users to access your E-Bill Suite account.

If you have any questions about your bill or scholarship, first please review your E-Bill on for your real-time balance.  If you have questions about the E-Bill, you must notify us promptly by emailing us at [email protected].

Full-time Status
As a GSAS financial aid recipient, you are required to maintain full time status. If you register for few credits than your program requires (e.g., because you are preparing for comprehensive exams or doing other non-credit academic work), you must file a Matriculated Student Status Certification Form. All student forms can be found on the GSAS website forms page. Failure to file this for each semester that you are registered for less than full time may result in problems with loan deferments, posting of your tuition scholarship, and financial aid eligibility. You must be attending your program full time and doing work equivalent to full time to be certified as full time.