GSAS Graduate Student Council International Student Group

Coming to the United States, and to New York specifically, can have a major impact on international students. Not only academically, but also professionally, socially, and personally. Adjusting to a new education system and culture can be stressful without having a point of contact or group that addresses these unique needs and provides social support. Having the availability of such a group can help make international students’ time in New York more comfortable, accepting, and helpful.

Additionally, non-international students can also benefit from the interactions with international students and from the services this group would provide. Furthermore, in line with Jesuit culture, it will raise on-campus cultural sensitivity and introduce all students to the possibilities of studying or interning abroad. Ultimately, if international students have a positive experience at Fordham, it may positively affect students’ retention and prevent drop-out rates. Essentially, we are creating a community for international students at Fordham University.