Careers in STEM Fields

Careers available for STEM-educated professionals are as diverse as the subject areas themselves that fall under the broad purview of scientific and quantitative study. Individuals with expertise in STEM fields often find fulfillment in industry settings that value research, experimentation, and innovation.

Companies often provide significant latitude for employees to engage in these pursuits. However, in comparison with academic research, companies are more likely to value collaboration and set narrower “research goals” for scientists to fulfill. But many employees with STEM backgrounds enjoy opportunities to apply their training in settings whose standards for rigor and creativity parallel their counterparts in academic settings.

Moreover, the digital age has resulted in a surge of job opportunities for computer scientists (and related professionals) who may apply their skills in several roles that call for data analysts, software and web developers, cybersecurity specialists, and other roles besides.

Depending on the role and field, the interview process in some STEM fields, including in computer science, is elaborate and requires an in-depth knowledge of data structures, and programming algorithms, as well as the ability to think through logic problems with a prospective interviewer or team.

Navigating the industry job market for STEM fields requires preparation and skill. Get a head start on preparing for your next professional steps by consulting with faculty mentors, pursuing relevant internship opportunities, researching companies or organizations of interest, and conducting informational interviews with individuals currently working in the field.

Begin your search today by exploring career options available for STEM-trained professionals.