Information Security Analysis

Information security analysts, otherwise known as cybersecurity professionals, work in a wide range of roles, although they share a common goal: to safeguard online data from unauthorized access. Expertise in cybersecurity can lead to host of career pathways, including roles as security analystscryptographersforensic experts, and source code auditors. Advanced degree candidates in cyber security can identify and respond to many of the field’s most complex problems as they conduct cyber investigations, manage data systems security, build security architecture, and develop security policy. They are versed in the technological, legal and ethical implications of cybersecurity.

An effective information security analyst has a demonstrated capacity to:

  • Monitor networks for threats of unauthorized access using computer defense mechanisms that include firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems, and host based security systems
  • Research emerging threats to network systems to prevent systematic security problems
  • Identify and resolve threats as they emerge
  • Implement security scans of organization data and information systems

In light of the growing prevalence of online platforms as hosts for organizational data, the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics reports an explosive job growth rate in cyber security fields of 28% through 2026, with a median annual salary of $98,350. Alongside of technical expertise, employers seek candidates in cyber security fields who are analytical, capable of working in autonomously and in teams, devoted to learning about new innovations in cyber security, and detail and results-oriented.

Professional Associations and Communities in Cybersecurity:

Cybersecurity Job Boards:

  • NinjaJobs: This platform features a job board exclusively for cybersecurity professionals.
  • CyberSecJobs: This platform specializes in new employment opportunities in cybersecurity-based fields.
  • Cybrary: This platform features new job postings on a popular community for cybersecurity specialists.